Big T's

Big T's

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Videos & Recap of racing from EAMS Saturday, 7/15/2017 - The Jimmy Thomas Tribute Race

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

Road Warrior - 15 Laps:
1 - #97 Derrick Pearce - started the night in one car which broke in hot laps, then jumped into his teammates car and dominated the race from the pole.
2 - #D9 "Granddaddy" Diem - won out in a 4 way battle for 2nd that lasted most of the race.
3 - #29 Chris Barfield - involved in a great battle up front - settled for P3.
4 - #16 Robert Price - also involved in that same battle.
5 - #17 Brian Robinson - ran P3 most of the race until slipping high off turn 2 and dropping back to P5.

Hot Shots - 15 Laps:
1 - #1 Lee Tint Man Hutchinson - started outside pole and battled to lead every lap under intense pressure every lap.
2 - #5 Jonathan MrNascar Merritt - started 16th and steadily moved through the pack taking 2nd on the last lap.
3 - #51 Robert Hutchinson - started 5th, ran as high as 2nd before dropping to 3rd on the last lap.
4 - #5 Billy Tidwell - from pole battled at the front of the pack all race until dropping 2 spots over the last 3 laps.
5 - #22 Taylor McElhannon - started 10th and moved into the top 5 just past half way.

Southern Thunder Late Model Series - 40 Laps:
Team Larry Harrod did a perfect job in Time Trials by sitting both cars on the front row.
1 - #27T Terrance Nowell - started 2nd, ran P2 and P3 for most of the race and then started working #92 Joseph Brown and little by little crept up on him until he was able to do the perfect slide job entering turn 3 with about 5 laps to go and then pulled away for the victory.
2 - #92 Joseph Brown - started 3rd, took the lead entering turn 1 on lap 1 and lead 35 laps before succumbing to a slide job by Nowell.
3 - #27 Larry Harrod - started 1st, ran P2 and P3 all race long.
4 - #27G Garrett Lloyd - started 5th, fell back to P6 mid race and then rallied back to 4th at the finish.
5 - #110 Rick Culpepper - started 4th, fell back to P6 on lap 21, but moved back to 5th on lap 22.

Hobby - 15 Laps:
1 - #294 John Michael - started on pole and withstood an early challenge to lead them all.
2 - #99 Randy Renfroe - struggled to get past #29 Will Gordon and then was not able to close the distance on JM, though he was gaining at the end.
3 - #29 Will Gordon - ran P2 early and then settled into 3rd.
4 - #2 John Holcomb - started the night at Senoia and came to EAMS when Senoia got rained out.
5 - #98 Travis Timms - good, solid run.

NeSmith Street Stock - 15 Laps:
1 - #51 Bradley Frakes - started 2nd and won in his first visit to EAMS this season, surviving a spin on the initial start.
2 - #25 Herbie Donath - survived a knock down drag out battle for 2nd - great racing!
3 - #71 Grady Holmes - started pole and found himself in a great battle for all of the top 5 positions.
4 - #24J Jason Price - started 6th and eked out a 4th place finish in a photo finish.
5 - #24 Allen McConnell - started 8th and worked his way up to 5th, almost 4th in a photo finish.

UCRA 602 Sportsman Mini-Series - 25 Laps:
1 - #00 Richie Stephens - started 3rd, took the led on lap 1 and lead them all for his 3rd straight UCRA win at EAMS.
2 - #66 Brian Hansford - started the night at Senoia, came to EAMS when Senoia was rained out, sat on the pole and ran P2 all race.
3 - #01 Blant Duke - started 6th, was involved in a collision on one of the initial starts, survived, quickly moved up to P3, dropped back to 5th after running high off turn 2, then rallied back to 3rd.
4 - #22 Keith McGuire - started 5th, ran as high as P3 early, then dropped back to P4 on lap 19.
5 - #17 Jason Price - started outside pole, was crowded off track on one of the starts and collected Duke, but both were able to continue with Price running top 5 all race long.

Next race at EAMS is next Saturday, 7/22/2017.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Recap of the racing at EAMS Saturday 7/8/2017

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

EAMS Late Models - 25 Laps:
1 - #27 Larry Harrod - checked out - led flag to flag - never in doubt.
2 - #5 Thomas Lewis - started 3rd and battled with #110 Rick Culpepper for several laps before claiming 2nd and pulling away.
3 - #110 Rick Culpepper battled all race long - early with Lewis and later with #1D Dalton D Cook. He lost the early battle but won the later one.
4 - #1D Dalton D Cook - after winning his last 4 starts at EAMS, this had to be a disappointment - raced hard all race long battling for one position and then another.
5 - #5B Brand Lewis - good solid run - persevered.

UCRA 602 Sportsman - 25 Laps:
1 - #00 Richie Stephens - just like last race - all Richie all day long.
2 - #17 Jason Price - one of Jason's best runs in his Sportsman car.
3 - #79 Cord Dodgen - in a car typically driven by Marc Gooden - excellent run for Cord.
4 - #1 Josh Cox - from the pole appeared to be an obvious 2nd place runner to Stephens, but made a couple of mistakes and had to battle to finish 4th.
5 - #62 Jessie Hughes - recovered from a very poor qualifying run.

Smith, Lykins, Stevenson & Williams Double Up At Senoia Raceway

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credits: Francis Hauke

(Senoia, GA – July 9, 2017)   Dennis Lykins, Jr. of Sharpsburg along with Locust Grove’s Billy Stevenson and Alabama’s Dean Williams clean swept the double features for their respective divisions Saturday night at Senoia Raceway while Senoia’s Clint ‘Cat Daddy’ Smith won a pair of features with victories in the Super Late Models and Limited Late Models.  The track entertained fans with a full night of racing and several make-up features from the week prior.  A total of twelve feature races took place.

Acworth’s Cass Fowler finally conquered the unique gumbo clay surface to notch his first career win at the 3/8ths mile track.  Fowler bested the field of Limited Late Models in the second feature.  McDonough’s Ted Willingham won the Hobby Stock feature while Hampton’s Mark ‘Mad Dog’ Newton won his sixth straight Mini Stock main event.  Alabama’s Dunie Dillard won the Bomber Bash and pocketed the $1000 winner’s share for that division’s special event.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Videos: 4th Annual Georgia Showdown At Cochran Motor Speedway

The 4th Annual Georgia Showdown presented some very exciting racing action and finishes at Cochran Motor Speedway. The venue was packed and the fans sure got their money's worth. Check out the videos below. (They will be posted as they are completed.)

Southern Thunder Late Model Feature

Monday, July 3, 2017

Top 5 finishers at East Alabama Motor Speedway Sunday, 7/2/2017

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series (37 cars) - 50 Laps:
1 - #66 Jake Knowles
2 - #18 Chase Edge
3 - #66K Dylan Knowles
4 - #55 Montana Dudley
5 - #1N Jordy Nipper

UCRA Sportsman Series (25 cars) - 25 Laps:
1 - #00 Richie Stephens
2 - #10 Austin Scarbrough
3 - #71K Jim Rogers
4 - #17M Brandon McDaniel
5 - #6 Donovan Singer

Hobby (16 cars) - 15 Laps:
1 - #5 Justin Sapp
2 - #30 Tim Bosley
3 - #29 Will Gordon
4 - #99 Randy Renfroe
5 - #2 John Holcomb

NeSmith Street Stock (13 cars) - 15 Laps:
1 - #29 Josh Tomlin
2 - #25 Herbie Donath
3 - #02 Tyler Turvin
4 - #24 Allen McConnell
5 - #55 Zack Lee

Road Warrior (9 cars) - 15 Laps:
1 - #17 Brian Robinson
2 - #999 Chandler Diem
3 - #16 Robert Price
4 - #02 Jeff Stone
5 - #29 Bryanna Vinent

Hot Shots (23 cars) - 15 Laps:
1 - #1 Bryan Britton
2 - #11 Clint Thornton
3 - #51 Robert Hutchinson
4 - #2 Patrick Harrelson
5 - #41 Joseph Collins

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Smith Guards The Gumbo Winning Head Jr. Memorial At Senoia

Clint Smith

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credits: Frances Hauke

(Senoia, GA – July 2, 2017)   Thirty-seven competitors from six states converged on Senoia Raceway this past Saturday to chase after the 20th Annual Michael Head, Jr. Memorial title and $5454 pay day.  Two-time defending Super Late Model champion, Clint ‘Cat Daddy’ Smith of Senoia, successfully defended the gumbo clay track by outrunning Whitesburg’s Austin Horton for the victory.  It was Smith’s first Southern All-Star Series victory since July of 2009 and his first major touring series Super Late Model win at his hometrack Senoia Raceway.  The victory came on a night that the track began to come apart due to the near ten inches of rain that had fallen in the previous six days.

“It’s go time on this kind of condition at all times,” Smith said of the track’s fast, but physical surface. “After I got out front and got a little bit of a lead, there was no way to get into turn one without just killing your race car.  All this rain, these torrential downpours every day, hats off to (co-promoter and track prep guru) Doug Stevens just to give us a racetrack that we could race on tonight at all.  And to finally get a big win here, I’ve always been no good in big shows, so glad to get it done tonight!”