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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Davenport Wins Nationals Opener At Senoia

Photo Credit - Senoia Raceway Media

Submitted by Ted Austad

(March 27, 2016 - Senoia, GA)  Jonathan Davenport collected his first career Old Man’s Garage Spring Nationals Series victory on Friday Night at Senoia Raceway taking home $4,000 for the victory to open the race weekend.  It was the first time Davenport has raced at the 3/8ths mile Bull Ring since capturing a Legends Car victory over fifteen years ago when the track was asphalt.  Saturday night’s program was postponed due to the weather.

Davenport of Blairsville, Ga. piloted the car normally occupied by the veteran wheel man Randy Weaver to the victory.  He and South Carolina’s Chris Madden, along with Colbert’s Kenny Collins, dazzled the large crowd with an exciting 40-lap main event.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Does Size Really Matter?

   Not long ago, I asked a question on Facebook as to whether or not the size of a driver's hauler or how fancy his graphics on his car were had anything to do with how good a driver they will be. As I stated in one of my comments, I use the hauler as a representation of money and is it possible for a lot of knowledge and a little money to beat a lot of money with a little knowledge? Tons of comments came through and most were all the same mindset. I also asked myself if the money factor is intimidating for the guys with less money. Do they think they're already at a disadvantage because they don't have the money and equipment the other guy may have?
  So, many questions but I think the mind of a racer is a truly wonderful, complicated thing (fairly close to the mind of a woman) and asking drivers questions on any topic is truly an experience I enjoy. I always get varied opinions, no one ever gets upset and it always feels like grown, intelligent conversation, most of the time. The question of money and knowledge has plagued me for a very long time after going from track after track and seeing every kind of driver there was. Big haulers, small haulers, open trailers, fancy wraps, no wraps, to duct tape numbers. Money and barely enough money for rent to drivers with more knowledge in one finger down to drivers you just have to question how they even walk and talk much less drive a race car.
   Which is it though? What is truly the key to success in racing? It's elusive for many and then there's a few that have it figured out but even they can only have success sporadically. I know that I've seen many drivers with some of the nicest haulers out there get their rear ends handed to them by the guy with duct tape numbers or less than nice haulers but in the same breathe I know that I've seen the same haulers and wraps pull up and wax a field of drivers easily. If you took Bloomquist away from the fancy rig and nice shop and sat him back to the beginning, to the basics, with limited equipment but with the vast knowledge he has, would he be successful? Is it a money game to win races? Racing is a thinking man's sport. Like a chess game. Every piece must be properly placed to be the victor in the end.
   The thing with the nice haulers and wraps is that they can buy nice equipment. It may not get you the victory but it will at least give you a better chance at getting close to the victory. It's always easier to win with nicer, more expensive equipment but isn't always a guarantee. Money can buy a lot of things, but with it, it can't buy knowledge. That's the one thing that must be learned. I don't care how much someone is paid to work on a car for a driver, if they aren't learning themselves then when the help leaves them they're pretty much left in the dark again. If they rely on the money in that situation to get them the wins and put forth no effort to learn then they really aren't doing themselves any favors. Knowledge in racing takes time and hours in the shop and at the track. Money can't buy that.
   I also wondered if it was an intimidation factor when a bigger hauler pulls up like I said earlier. I had a response from a driver who said it was something more along the lines of knowing you have to up your game when they come through because you know they probably carry the slight advantage with nicer equipment but it only makes you a better driver that night because you have to be twice as good. It also makes the night that much sweeter when you beat them to the checkered flag. I have seen some guys with those same nice haulers be unjustly seen as arrogant, cocky, or that they'll just buy the win which isn't fair to anyone. Some of the nicest, most humble people I've ever met have some of the nicest rigs you'll ever see and you'd never know they had as nice stuff as they do and they bust tail on and off the track for everything in racing they get. It would be an unfair judgement for anyone to make about someone just because they have nice things just like it's unfair to look down on those who aren't as fortunate as others.
   The knowledge part is what I think makes for the best and most successful drivers. I did an interview with Russell Brown Sr. a while back and we were talking about back in the day when you just used the parts you had on hand to race with and only the brain in your head. If you knew what you were doing you were going to be successful even with limited equipment. I know it's seeming more and more like a money game now in racing but I'm telling you, that guy or girl racer out there who knows how to make a car work, who knows what the track is telling them, who knows how to set up a car can just about outrun money any day of the week. Let those drivers get the money advantage also and they could be the most dominant force on the track. Spending the time to actually learn the sport will never be taught by money. It's experience and even that doesn't come cheap. The cost of knowledge and experience is far higher than one would imagine. It costs time away from family and friends, it costs relationships, it costs eating ramen noodles for new tires. No, it really doesn't come easy or cheap.
   Basically, and it's only my opinion, there's a holy trinity in racing for a driver and it includes money, knowledge and talent. All three put together can create a dominant force that can takeover any track they go to. The problem is that you seem to mostly get two of these but not the third. You can have a knowledgeable, talented driver who doesn't have the money factor and will be semi successful or someone with money, no knowledge, and tons of talent and then there's those with money, knowledge, but no real talent as a driver. I think it's always a combination of two but almost always missing the third. There was a video on Facebook once about this guy talking about women in scientific terms yet being completely funny and calling that elusive woman every man wants a unicorn. Well, in the racing world, a driver with all three attributes is what I would like to call a "unicorn". You can't find many out there, oh they're somewhere roaming the tracks around the country but you don't see them a lot. Whatever the key to racing success is, I continue to want answers about it. I want to know how, in this chess match, one becomes the top of the game. Maybe in the end it comes down to the one thing my friend Lance Floyd said it was. Just luck. Pure and simple luck. Maybe that's the reason for so many superstitious people in racing. Who knows? A four leaf clover never hurt anyone. See you all at a track soon!

Spring Nationals Bring The Nation's Best To Senoia Raceway This Weekend

 Photo Credit - Francis Hauke 

Submitted by Ted Austad

(March 23, 2016 - Senoia, GA)  Ray Cook’s Spring Nationals Series presented by Schaeffer’s Oil is set to invade the 3/8ths mile Senoia Raceway this Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26.  The second year promotional team of Bill Massey, Mayes Massey and Doug Stevens worked hard during the winter months to prepare their facility for what is being said to be the biggest event in track history.

“There has not been a series or race event with this much star power to visit before,” said Mayes Massey.  “Some of the nation’s best dirt track drivers are planning to race at Senoia Raceway this weekend.”

Multi-time national champion Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, Tennessee currently leads the Spring Nationals Series point standings over Randy Weaver of Crossville, Tennesse and Union, Kentucky veteran Darrell Lanigan.  Bloomquist won the season opening event on two weeks ago during the Tennessee Tipoff Classic.  Series regulars David Payne of Murphy, North Carolina; Donald McIntosh of Dawsonville; Stacy Boles of Clinton, Tennessee; Jason Welshan of Maryville, Tennessee; Shanon Buckingham of Morristown, Tennessee and Robby Moses of Maryville, Tennessee will square off against the regional standouts such as Florida’s Ivedent Lloyd Jr., defending World of Outlaws Late Model Series Champion Shane Clanton of Zebulon; Senoia’s Joe Armistead Jr.; four-time Southern All-Stars Tour champion and defending track point’s champion Clint ‘Cat Daddy’ Smith and Fayetteville’s Ricky Williams.  The track has also been a recent breeding ground for young talent with Whitesburg’s Austin Horton claiming a victory two weeks on opening night and Douglasville’s ‘Racin’ Mason Massey claiming a couple of top five finishes.

“This is the biggest event in the track’s history,” added an excited Massey.  “The caliber of drivers and the new clay surface should create a memorable weekend as well.”

Tour regulars will be greeted by the new ‘gray gumbo’ surface which was added to the track over the winter months. Regulars from the past several seasons have been thrown a curveball by the new clay.  The Massey’s along with Doug Stevens found an odd gray colored gumbo clay in southern Georgia that has a minimal amount of sand and mica.  The hard compacted clay surface has created a slicker surface, but has also allowed for some of the closest competition that track has experienced since it’s return to dirt in 2010.  Competitors over the past three weekends have raved about the racey track and ability to race anywhere from top to bottom.

“Not one of the best. By far the BEST RACE TRACK in the southeast now,” defending World of Outlaws Late Model Series champion Shane Clanton posted to social media on Sunday. “I've raced at a lot of tracks all over the country and to see the hard work that Doug and the Massey's have done with (Senoia Raceway) and facility is paying off.  Racing in the south has been changed and no longer follow the leader. Fans will definitely get their money's worth.”

The double-header weekend kicks off on Friday, March 25th with a 40-lap $4,000-to-win race for the Ray Cook Spring Nationals Tour and then will continue on Saturday, March 26th with a 60-lap $6,000-to-win race.  The Series will run a complete show each night with qualifying, heat races and the main event.

In addition to the Spring Nationals Super Late Models, the Limited Late Models will race for $1,250-to-win, the Crate Late Models will compete for $1,000-to-win, the B-Cadet’s will race for $750-to-win, the Hobby class will race for $600-to-win, the Bombers compete for $500-to-win and the Mini class will race for $500-to-win.   These divisions will run their preliminary events on Friday night with the Features set for Saturday.

On Thursday March 24th, an open practice session will be held from 6pm until 10pm. Grandstand admission is free and adult pit passes/trackside passes are $20.00 and a kid’s pit/trackside pass is $10.00.

On Friday March 25th, the pit gates open at 4pm, the grandstand gates open at 5pm and hot laps will be at 6:30pm. Adult general admission is $20.00 and children are $10.00. Pit passes and trackside passes are $35.00 while a kid’s pass in the pits and trackside are $20.00.

On Saturday March 26th, the pit gates open at 4pm, the grandstand gates open at 5pm and hot laps will be at 6pm. Adult general admission is $25.00 and children are $10.00. Pit passes and trackside passes are $35.00 while a kid’s pass in the pits and trackside are $20.00.

Senoia Raceway is located five miles west of Senoia, GA on Georgia Highway 16.  Easy access from both Interstate 75 and Interstate 85.  For additional information, visit the Senoia Raceway website at  You can also contact the track directly at 770.599.6161.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hartwell Motor Speedway Action from March 12


SECA Late Models


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Monday, March 14, 2016

Tim Powers pockets $5,000 at Hendry County in Dirts 4Racing Hobby Cars

Tim Powers wins the 1st Annual Jim Morgan Memorial
(thanks to Justin Tyner for the footage)
1.     44   TIM POWERS
                                                              2.     21   SCOTTY KAY
                                                              3.     66   DONNIE ASHFORD
                                                              4.     26   DAVID McCORMICK
                                                              5.     89   GREG CROWE

(video below)
Jim Morgan Memorial

Michael Davis in-car

Brian Morgan

Highlights From The Southern Classic at Dixie Speedway

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

10 Questions Part 2 Cochran Motor Speedway

  Can't thank these guys enough for going along with my insane questions. Special thanks to: Dale McDowell, Tim Sims, Brandon Overton, and Pearson Lee Williams!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Senoia's New Surface is a Big Hit

Supers, Limiteds, Bomber, Crates, and Hobby videos!!

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Bronson Wins in a Wild Finish with Wood

Late Models, Hobby , and E-Mods

late models


e mods

CRANK IT UP!! Saturday nights action


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(Crates, Robby Metts incar , Hunter Peacock incar, Cochran late models

Sunday, March 6, 2016

(Crank It Up) Highlights from Cochran

Cody King Front and Rear Incar from the Great Finish at Senoia

10 Questions Part 1 Cochran Motor Speedway

   I love my 10 question segments and couldn't wait to start the year off with all new interviews. Special thanks to Woody Canup, Chase Edge, Dakota Halstead, Ben Faircloth and Ridge Warren. This is only part 1, stay tuned for part 2 with a whole new set of race people!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Senoia Raceway Cranks Up Racing Action Saturday Night

Submitted by Ted Austad

(March 2, 2016 - Senoia, GA)  Senoia Raceway will crank up it's stock car racing season this Saturday, March 5th with action scheduled for Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, B Cadets, Hobby Stock, Bomber and Mini Stock.  The 3/8ths mile 'bull ring' hosted an open practice this past weekend debuting the new odd colored gray gumbo clay that was placed on the surface two weeks ago.

 "It is fast and tricky," said track promoter Mayes Massey.  "It was fun to watch the drivers try to find their fast groove last weekend. They were racing on the top side, bottom side and a few were side sliding through the middle to make passes."

Tuesday, March 1, 2016