Big T's

Big T's

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Packed House For Needmores Memorial Weekend

Thanks to Ryan Williams and Daniel McMillan for the video. We couldn't do it without them

Hobby race will be up soon  (click read more for the other videos).

Hobby Enduro

Albany Kicks Off Memorial Weekend With Fitzgerald Win

Special thanks to Ryan Williams for his help. Please click read more to see the rest of the videos.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

10 Questions "THE WOMEN"

Videos: 441 Speedway 5/25/13

The first video up from this past Saturday at 441 Speedway is the Late Model Feature which Brian Ligon won. The top 5 in that race were 1)Brian Ligon, 2)Tyler Mimbs, 3)Brian Addy, 4)Pearson Williams, and 5)Blake Smith. The Bomber, Pure Stock, and Super Street features will be added to this blog as they are completed.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Videos: Cochran Motor Speedway 5/25/13

The staff of Deep Dixie Racing was able to capture some single-camera video of three of the feature races at Cochran Motor Speedway Saturday night. Those classes were Bomber, Pure Stock, and Late Model. This first video is of the Late Model feature. The others will be added as they are completed.

Gay's Tire And Service Clip Of The Week

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Needmore Videos from 5-18

This past weekend was the start of three straight weekends of racing at Needmore Speedway. It was not without it's fair share of heart pounding action and this weekend the excitement will pour over to the big Sunday race at Needmore for a Memorial Weekend Race with festivities kicking off at Albany Motor Speedway Saturday night. To see the other videos click on the READ MORE and it will take you to them.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Southern All Stars adds double-header weekend for August 9th and 10th in Georgia

By Chris Tilley

HUNTSVILLE,AL- The Southern All Stars Dirt Racing Series has announced two additional dates to the 2013 schedule that bring the total number of races scheduled to 23 races.

The series will race as part of a Georgia double-header weekend August 9th and 10th. The series will race at the Albany Motor Speedway in Albany, GA on Friday August 9th paying $4,000 to win. Then the series will race on Saturday Night August 10th at the Needmore Speedway in Norman Park, GA paying $4,000 to win.

Friday, May 17, 2013

SGMP Doing It Again Saturday Night

SGMP will be racing this Saturday. Hobby stock is paying $500 to win. Enduro is paying $300 to win. Late models $800 to win. We will also be running skeeter cars. Any questions please call 229-563-5596

Monday, May 13, 2013

Southern Outlaw Superstreet Series

Submitted by: Bobby Piper
  Just a little note to racers about our upcoming event at Albany Motor Speedway, Albany has a city ordinance requiring mufflers on race cars. In response to this our Southern Outlaws will be required to have mufflers/inserts on their headers and Albany Motor Speedway has agreed to raise the start money to $150 dollars in order to cover the $50 additional expense to purchase these. If you have any questions please message me.
  One more item of note on our Albany and Needmore races coming up in June, local drivers from the south GA area, in order to run our Southern Outlaw event everyone will have to run the H500 Hoosier tire, this is the only tire run in the series. Please contact either Albany or Needmore, they have a special on these tires for their local drivers. Keep in mind these tires wear very little at all, and you should be able to run them in all three of our upcoming southern swing races @ Albany, Needmore and Waycross.

Chaz Haskins Is The Man At Cochran

                                                                                                                                                            Chaz Haskins wins $2,000 at Cochran in Late models              
Joseph Brown wins $1,000 in Limited
Jeffery Yates wins $1,000 in Bomber
Kyle Conyer wins SS
Tyler Sanders wins in pure stock



Friday, May 10, 2013

North Florida Speedway Runs U.D.L.M.S. This Weekend

     This weekend, North Florida Speedway will be hosting the United Dirt Late Model Series $3000 to win race and drivers from all over are expected to show. Evan Becton from Valdosta is expected to show and has his car dubbed "Oreo" ready for action. Florida's own Mark Whitener is expected to be in attendance along with NFS 2012 champion Adam Bedenbaugh. The race is going to bring out the best of the best as North Florida Speedway usually does. Along with the series race, they will also be running street stocks, pure stocks, box stocks and limited modifieds. For more information check out their website by clicking here.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tear Down Answers Questions

   Sunday night, after a long fought battle, Leon Childs took the checkered flag and when the start of the tech process began, the #97 car owner Jimmy Tillman put up the money for a complete tear down of the Childs' motor. With motor builder Mike Reilly on the premises, the tear down began after all races were completed. After a long night, Leon Childs' car was found to be legal. The following video is a chronicle of the events from start to finish.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Needmore Gives Fans A Wild Night


   Special thanks to the video crew, Dale Hall and Ryan Williams.

Videos to follow so keep checking back until all videos are posted.(Including the Childs teardown)

   Due to a rainy Saturday, Needmore rescheduled it's race until Sunday to give fans a chance to get their racing fix in for the weekend. Drama filled is an understatement for this race. There were banged fenders, tempers, and flips. In the late model race it started with Gene Ross and Steven Roberts on the front row but a tangle between the two on the second lap took them both out and made room for the 56 of Robby Metts who kept his lead until the end. Marking his first late model win of the season. Young gun Michael Ross finished in a strong second place with a lightning fast car. A tangle between Stacey Roberts and Lee Newsome halfway through the race saw the Newsome car hit the inside embankment and do a complete flip. In the Limited division, Gene Maine and Cole Exum were again the front runners and had a battle to the win with Gene Maine taking the checkers.
   Superstreet had a new feature winner this year with Gary Shaw taking control of the field and beating out out of towner Bobby Piper who made his debut back in a race car after a serious wreck last year that caused injuries keeping him out for the season. Hobby division was once again the race that had fans lining the fence. Fenders banged, tempers flared, and calls were made. Leon Childs and Ronnie Newsome battled for the lead until an incident on the track sent Newsome to the rear and Childs took over and didn't look back. After the race was over, the second place car of Randy Merwin protested the Childs car and after a complete motor tear down Leon was found to be legal and get the win.
   The Enduro had it's fair share of excitement with Jason Lang beating out a field of hungry drivers and following him in second place was regular Wesley Burke who both shook hands and shared a laugh after the race was over. A special race of Skeeter cars saw a dominant Martin Sapp take charge and collect the win with the gold 90 of Ronnie Lieupo right behind him. The night was one for the books for sure and the same is expected at the next race which will be on May 18th, with gates opening at 4pm and racing at 7pm.

                                        LATE MODEL

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stock Car Thunder Racing Series returns to SGMP

Submitted by: Scott Hudgins

         Hello race fans! Once again South Georgia Motorsports Park will be circling the wagons. Yep, that's right, all the trailers and haulers will be inside the circle track unloading those ground pounding stock cars. The Stock Car Thunder Racing Series returns to SGMP Saturday night May 11, 2013 for some of the best asphalt circle track racing around. All classes running will include Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Skeeter cars and Enduros. This race we will be featuring the Enduros with $500.00 going to winnner. So grab up the family and load up those cars and come on out to the premiere race track around. For More Info check out

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Newsome Interview: Winning the right way

   When a driver begins to become successful in a division at any track the question for some goes from "How does he do that" to "What is he doing to his car to win"? Some may even take the last question further and come to their own conclusions whether there is cheating involved or not. When Ronnie Newsome became such a dominant force last year with 9 wins, the questions were raised from some about him cheating. Car owner, chief mechanic, and dad, Lee Newsome, has decided it was time to put these questions to rest to prove his work is completely legal and Ronnie's races were won by nothing more than talent, good equipment, and good racing setups between him and Ronnie. The following video is of Lee discussing some of the parts of the car in question and freely giving us access to all of the car.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Check To See If Your Track Is Rained Out For Saturday (Updated 1:57 PM)

Needmore Speedway has rescheduled their races for Sunday afternoon.

We will update this list as we get information in about the rest of the tracks.

Unknown Status:


441 Speedway
Bubba Raceway Park
Cochran Motor Speedway
Ellisville Speedway 
Golden Isles Speedway
Hartwell Speedway
North Georgia Speedway
Senoia Raceway 
Swainsboro Raceway
Toccoa Speedway 
Watermelon Capital Speedway
West Ga Speedway
Winder Barrow Speedway

Needmore reschedules Saturday race to Sunday

Due to inclement weather Needmore will move our May 4th race to Sunday, May 5th. Gates will open at 2pm, church service will be at 3pm, hot laps at 3:30 pm, and racing at 4:30 pm. The weather is looking good for Sunday and the racing forecast is even better! We will be running Late Models, Limited Late Models, Old School Late Models, Hobby, Superstreet, Enduro and Skeeter cars. We'll see you there

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Leon Childs: Setting Things Straight

   Deep Dixie Racing was recently contacted by Ryan Hembree, Jim Hembree, and Leon Childs about dispelling a rumor that had been going around about the #7 hobby car that Leon has been driving this year. It has been speculated by some on the internet that Leon has been driving his superstreet car instead of his hobby car because the color had went from red and white to green and white.With almost one hundred wins out of the Dumb Racing shop in ten years, they wanted  to set the record straight so they invited us into the shop to film both cars and to talk about the differences between them and to set the rumors to rest and prove all their wins were done the right way.  The following video is Leon's own words as to what the truth really is.