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Big T's

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hickman Finally Snags The Checkers At Senoia Raceway

Riley Hickman

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credits: Frances Hauke

(Senoia, GA – August 27, 2017)  Riley Hickman of Chattanooga, TN, finally captured an elusive checkered flag at the tough bull ring Senoia Raceway.  Hickman led all 40 laps of the Friends of the Dream 40 and without any mistakes pocketed the four grand winner’s take ahead of North Carolina’s Ray Cook and Stapleton’s Travis Pennington.

“I love coming here (to Senoia Raceway). Some of our finishes don’t prove it,” said Hickman afterwards in victory lane. “We’ve led a lot of races over here and in the end give it up or just couldn’t put a solid 40 or 50 laps together and finally we were able to do that.  Heck, I am worn out in the car just thinking about it, just hoping, telling myself not to screw up.  Whenever you got to go someplace with finesse, that’s more my speed.”

Other winners at the special event that benefited disadvantaged children were Whitesburg’s Austin Horton in the Limited Late Models, Ashton Winger of Senoia in the Crate Late Models, Newnan’s Craig Scott in the Late Model Sportsman and Villa Rica’s ‘Smokin’ Joe Hillman in the Hobby.  Barnesville’s Gary Parker was the best in the Mini Stock while Newnan’s Dorough Bright won the Bomber feature and Kenny Clark of Dallas the Hot Shots main.

Recap of racing from EAMS Friday and Saturday, 8/25&26/2017

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

Friday, 8/25/2017:
UCRA 602 Late Model Sportsman - 25 Laps (top 6 qualifiers were inverted):
1 - #111 Terrance Nowell started 4th, was 3rd after lap 1, 2nd after lap 2, and took the lead on lap 5 and was never challenged.
2 - #00 Richie Stephens started 6th, up to 4th on lap 1, slipped high off turn 2 and dropped to the back of the pack, back into the top 5 by lap 5, took 2nd on lap 14 where he ran until the end, unable to challenge for the win.
3 - #1 Josh Cox started 5th, up to 4th on lap 2, took 3rd on lap 3, was passed on lap 5 by Stephens, then moved back into 3rd on lap 17.
4 - #31 Richie Grantham started 7th and ran a steady race to get his first top 5 in this class.
5 - #14 Dustin Ducker started 8th, struggled early with a spin on lap 1 and lap 4 before settling down and getting his 6th top 5 of the year.

Hot Shots - 15 Laps:
1 - #51 Jonathan Merritt started 10th, up to 4th on lap 2, 3rd on lap 4, 2nd on lap 6, and took the lead on lap 7.
2 - #11 Clint Thornton started 5th, was 2nd after 1 lap, took the lead on lap 4, and then dropped back to 2nd on lap 7.
3 - #1 Tater Holmes started on pole but went off the top of turn 2 in a battle for the lead on lap 1, dropping back to 20th with 14 laps to go.  By lap 5 he was back into the top 10, moved into the top 5 by lap 10, and 3rd on lap 12.
4 - #22 Taylor McElhannon started 2nd, lead the 1st 3 laps before starting to drop back little by little, settling into 4th on lap 12.
5 - #9 Kyle Bruffy started 13th, moved into 10th by lap 2, and took 5th on lap 13.

Saturday, 8/26/2017:
EAMS Late Model (25 Laps):
1 - #110 Rick Culpepper started 2nd, took the lead coming off turn 2 on lap 1 and lead every lap.
2 - #55 Montana Dudley won the pole but was beaten off turn 2 by Culpepper from the high side - could never mount a challenge for the lead after that.
3 - #88 Russ Ogletree started 4th, took 3rd on lap 1.
4 - #1 Terrance Nowell started 5th, dropped to 6th on the start, took 5th on lap 4, and 4th on lap 5.
5 - #11 Dylan Holmes started 7th and persevered to his 1st top 5 since early March.

Hobby (15 Laps):
1 - #23 Kyle Conyer started 6th, took 4th on lap 1, back to 5th on lap 2, back to 6th on lap 3, back to 7th on lap 5, back up to 4th by lap 7, 3rd on lap 10, 2nd on lap 12, and 1st on lap 13 - WHAT A RACE!!!
2 - #17 Jason Price started 5th, was up to 4th on lap 2, 3rd on lap 5, and 2nd on lap 7.
3 - #294 John Michael started on pole, but never lead a lap.
4 - #30 Tim Bosley started 10th and made a great run through the pack to pick up another top 5 finish.
5 - #29 Will Gordon started 4th and was battling at the front of the pack before a flat sent him to the pits, finally working his way back into the top 5 on lap 13.

Hot Shots (15 Laps):
NOTE:  #1 Tater Holmes was originally flagged the winner, but was DQ'd post race for a safety violation - improper driver's suit.
1 - #51 Robert Hutchinson started 7th, avoided a multi-car accident on lap 1 which took out some of his top competitors, took the lead on the subsequent start, dropped to 2nd on lap 3 and then won after Holmes was DQ'd.
2 - #93 John Catrett started 17th and drove a tremendous race avoiding any problems along the way, took 10th on lap 4, 5th on lap 9, 3rd on lap 12 where he was at the end of the race before the winner's DQ moved him up to 2nd.
3 - #22 Taylor McElhannon started 21st and ALSO drove a tremendous race, was 10th by lap 5, 4th on lap 12 where he ended the race before being moved up a spot due to the winner's DQ.
4 - #5 Terry Merritt started 11th, was 10th after 1 lap, fell back on lap 2, then back to 10th on lap 6, and worked his way into the top 5 finally on lap 12.
5 - # 05 Fred Woodrum started 12th, took 7th on the start, and moved into the top 5 by lap 3 before running off the track in turn 2 on lap 8 and going to the back of the pack, slowly climbing back up to his finishing position on lap 12.

Next race at EAMS is SUNDAY, that's right, SUNDAY 9/3/2017.  Join us for our HUGE Labor Day Celebration with racing, fireworks, beach party with water slide for the kids, giveaways for the kids, and much more.  Watch the East Alabama Motor Speedway facebook page for further details.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Preliminary List of Entries Scheduled for Cochran Sportsman Showdown 8/26/2017

Blant Duke from Carrollton

Booger Brooks from Chickamauga

Brian Hansford from Altha FL.

Clay Howell Trucking

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hagar Claims Senoia Summer Nationals VIII Title

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credits: Francis Hauke

Derek Hagar

(Senoia, GA – August 20, 2017)  Derek Hagar has won many races during his career in a 360 winged outlaw sprint car.  But, he had been shut out at the 3/8th mile bull ring, Senoia Raceway, for the past several years.  Hagar changed that and placed his name in the record books Saturday night winning the Senoia Summer Nationals VIII USCS Sprint Cars main event.  The Arkansas champion dominated the night beating three-time Senoia Summer Nationals title winner Terry Gray and defending winner Morgan Turpen.

Other winners at the special event included Senoia’s Clint ‘Cat Daddy’ Smith in the Limited Late Models; Douglasville’s ‘Racin’ Mason Massey in the Crate Late Models; Newnan’s Bobby ‘Wild Child’ Arnold in the Late Model Sportsman and Michael Courtney of Powell, TN, in the Mini Stock.  Cumming’s Brandon Taylor took home the laurels in the USCS Mini Sprints.

Hagar piloted his sprinter to a flag to flag victory, but it was not an easy task.  The former USCS Tour champion darted in and out of lapped traffic keeping Gray and Turpen a safe distance behind until lap 24 when he narrowly escaped a four car pile-up in turn three.  Charging down the back stretch at nearly 100 miles per hour Hagar found a small opening between two spinning cars to avoid the wreck that would have surely ended his quest.

On the restart with nothing but clean air ahead, Hagar powered out to a several car length victory over Gray and Turpen.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Recap of racing at EAMS Saturday, 8/12/2017

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

EAMS Late Models (25 Laps):
1 - #55 Montana Dudley started 4th, took 3rd on lap 4, 2nd on lap 5, and then had a classic battle with #1D Dalton Cook for the lead for the next 10 laps until taking the lead off turn 2 on a restart on lap 17.  He was challenged on the bottom by #5 Thomas Lewis, but moved down to cover the spot and them pulled away for his 2nd win in 2 weeks.
2 - #1D Dalton D. Cook started on pole with a 15.41 and appeared to be the driver to beat until a minor slip on a restart allowed the relentless Dudley to take advantage and get the lead.  He fell back to P4 before rallying back to 2nd on lap 23.
3 - #14 Josh Taylor started 8th and made the biggest move up of the night, not breaking into the top 5 until lap 19, P4 on lap 21, and P3 on lap 23.
4 - #5 Thomas Lewis started 3rd, was up and down from 2nd to 5th, before finally settling into P4 at the end.
5 - #7 Tyler Thomason started 5th, dropped back to 7th at one point before moving all the way up to 2nd on laps 19 & 20 and then spinning on lap 21 - did a great job getting back into the top 5.

602 Late Model Sportsman (20 Laps):
1 - #00 Richie Stephens started outside pole after winning his heat race from the rear, lead lap 1 as well as 2 through 20 - his 7th win in 8 races he has entered at EAMS this season.
2 - #8G Bubba Gorman started 4th, moved to P3 on lap 1, and P2 on lap 3 - was unable to challenge the Rocket Man for the win, however.
3 - #90 Josh Weathers started 11th, moved into the top 5 on lap 11, P4 on lap 13, and 3rd on lap 14 - tremendous run through the pack.
4 - #50 Steven Gaines started 5th, spun on lap 2 and took all the way to lap 16 to get back into the top 5, taking 4th on lap 17.
5 - #6 Donovan Singer started 9th, charged immediately into the top 5 running 4th most of the race before dropping to 5th on lap 17.

Hobby (15 Laps):
1 - #23 Kyle Conyers in only his 2nd run at EAMS this season started 4th, took 3rd on lap 1, 2nd on lap 2, and 1st on lap 5 when #6 Marty Beckwith spun out of the lead.
2 - #17 Lynn Robbins started 3rd, dropped to 4th, back to 3rd on lap 4, 2nd on lap 5 and then just held his own, not quite able to mount a challenge for the lead.
3 - #98 Travis Timms started on pole, dropped to 2nd on the 1st lap, 3rd on lap 2, 4th on lap 4, then settle into P3 on lap 5.
4 - #30 Tim Bosley started 5th, ran between 4th and 6th all race moving up to P4 on the last lap when #294 John Michael spun.
5 - #99 Chance Renfroe started 9th and struggled all night with the handle before slipping into P5 on the last lap.

Modifieds (12 Laps):
1 - #10 Jeff Culpepper lead every lap.
2 - #25 Herbie Donath ran 2nd every lap.
3 - #17 Brian Robinson ran 3rd every lap.
4 - #38 Chris Singleton
5 - #21 Bryan Westbrook

Road Warrior (12 Laps):
1 - #2 Jarrod Harrison started 2nd and lead every lap for his 2nd win of the year.
2 - #1 Rickey Harrelson started 3rd, pitted to replace a flat on lap 2 after contact with #101 Brooks Shelley, took 2nd back when Shelley spun on lap 9.
3 - #101 Brooks Shelley started on pole and spun on laps 9 and 11, too loose off turn 2.

Hot Shots (12 Laps):
1 - #11 Clint Thornton started 3rd and ran 3rd in a tight battle with #05 Fred Woodrum and #93 John Catrett before taking 2nd on lap 6 and then the lead on lap collect his 2nd win in the last 3 races.
2 - #93 John Catrett started pole, lost the lead to Woodrum on lap 1, retook the lead on lap 5, but then lost it to Thornton on lap 9.
3 - #05 Fred Woodrum started 2nd, took the lead on lap 1, dropped to 2nd on lap 5, and P3 on lap 6.  Thornton, Catrett, and Woodrum put on a fantastic battle for the lead every lap.
4 - #22 Taylor McElhannon started 9th and made a great move through the pack taking P5 on lap 2 and P4 on lap 3 where he remained for the rest of the race.
5 - #21 Christopher Bosley started 6th and turned in a solid performance earning his 4th top 5 of the season.

This was not a great night for our points leaders, though they all still maintained comfortable points leads.
#K9 Dana Eiland finished 10th in the EAMS Late Model Feature.
#8G Bubba Gorman finished 2nd in the 602 LM Sportsman Feature.
#294 John Michael finished 7th in the Hobby Feature.
#1 Rickey Harrelson finished 2nd in the Road Warrior Feature.
#J38 Jayce Swint finished 15th in the Hot Shots Feature.

No racing at EAMS next weekend (8/19/2017).

Next event is Monster Truck Madness on Friday and Saturday, 8/25 & 26/2017.

New Faces Visit Senoia Raceway Victory Lane

Submitted by Ted Austad
Photo credits: Francis Hauke

Booger Brooks

(Senoia, GA – August 13, 2017)  Senoia Raceway hosts some of the fiercest competition in the region and many have said it is not the easiest place to win.  On Saturday night, three drivers found their way to winner’s circle for the first time including Chickamauga’s Booger Brooks who won despite it being his first time ever to compete on the unique gumbo clay surface.  Brooks was joined in victory lane by Newnan’s Scott Amoson and Decatur’s Tony Newman as the pair also won for the first time in the Bomber and Hot Shot divisions respectively.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Recap of racing at EAMS on Saturday, 8/5/2017 (Videos included.)

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

USCS Sprint Cars - 27 Laps:
1 - #14 Jordon Mallett
2 - #10m Morgan Turpen
3 - #29 Kyle Amerson
4 - #07 Brandon Taylor
5 - #43 Terry Witherspoon

UCRA 602 LM Sportsman - 20 Laps:
1 - #111 Jackson Thomason started 2nd, took the lead on lap 1, dropped to 2nd on lap 2, retook the lead on lap 13 when the leader blew a tire and held off subsequent challenges to pick up his 2nd win of the season.
2 - #00 Richie Stephens started 3rd, took the lead on lap 2, was pulling away when he had a flat on the 14th lap, restarted in the rear and came back through the pack to finish a close 2nd.
3 - #22 Keith McGuire started 7th, moved to the top 5 after 12 laps, 3rd on lap 13, 2nd on lap 14 and actually challenged Thomason for the lead until passed by Stephens with 2 to go.
4 - #17 Jason Price started 8th and ran a solid race moving into the top 5 on lap 13.
5 - #7 Roger Arnett started 10th and moved steadily up through the pack taking 5th on lap 13.