Big T's

Big T's

Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Taste Of What Leo Will Be Bringing To You Soon

These are some scenes from inside the track this past weekend at East Alabama Motor Speedway. Leo is working on the main videos and you can expect them soon. In the meantime, check this out.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Alabama State Championship Sept. 26-29 ( Hype Video)

On Pins and Needles


   It's finally Christmas time!!! Ok, I'm just kidding, but close enough. It's time for the State Championship Race at East Alabama Motor Speedway! Who doesn't look forward to this time of the year?! The biggest and best of race cars and drivers come from all over the country to try their hand at claiming a fat paycheck and a monster 6 foot tall trophy. Fans from everywhere will converge onto the town of Phenix City, Alabama with motorhomes, grills, and fourwheelers. Some of us will get hotels in town or nearby in Columbus but we all come with a sense of anticipation at what the weekend will bring for us. This will not be like just any Saturday night racing. This is a deeper, harder, blood, sweat and tears sort of thing. These drivers have been getting their cars ready for months in advance and fans have made plans for days off and hotel reservations well ahead of time. Well, most anyways. I am a slacker in the motel room reservation department as I write this.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Videos: Cochran Motor Speedway 9/14/13

These are the videos of the feature races at Cochran Motor Speedway on 9/14/13. The Super Street Feature is the first one up. Others will be added as they are completed.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chris Tucker's Car Is Demolished In 1st Lap Rollover

You know what's worse than flipping your car in the first lap of a heat race? Flipping your newly built car which has never been on the track before in the first lap of a heat race. That was Chris Tucker's luck Saturday night at Cochran Motor Speedway. Watch what happens and listen to his reaction afterwards. Dang the bad luck.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Trying to Change Lives Through Giving

   Many people know the young driver, Ronnie Newsome, but so few actually know his story. There are those of us who have been there to see his life unfold and to see where his life has been heading. My part in this story is extremely small and of little consequence but I have seen the life of a small toddler unfold into that of a young man. My view into his world began many, many years ago when Ronnie was just a tiny little boy. I began as a babysitter for him, his brother Travis and his little sister Victoria. From that moment they all became part of my life. Ronnie, a quick witted, extremely precocious child usually entertained me the whole night with his nonstop talk about racecars, Dale Earnhardt and anything else he could think of to talk about. I also saw a very sweet, protective spot he held for Victoria. He always made sure she was taken care of correctly which meant his way and that she was happy and safe.

Golden Isles Still Sets The Bar High In Dirt Track Excitement

   Saturday night, Golden Isles made up their rain out date and over 100 cars showed in attendance. Every race, they set the bar high for excitement, speed, and great racing. Fans drove from all over to watch all different divisions sling dirt and trade paint. No one left disappointed. The late models came to town and had names like Bo Allen, Brandon Dewitt, and Jason Fitzgerald come along with it. Bo Allen was a dominate force and after every restart took off from the field. A couple of cautions, one of which had Rhett Carter break something on his super fast car and hit hard in turn 2 then spin completely before getting hit by another oncoming car. The wreck caught up several contenders but still Allen had control of the field with Brandon Dewitt on his heels. During a post race inspection Bo Allen's carburetor was found illegal by the track and he was disqualified and Brandon Dewitt was declared the winner. All videos will be posted below just click the read more link and it will take you to them.


Is NASCAR Equivalent To The WWE?

 Over the last couple of days, I have heard that NASCAR is nothing more than a racing version of the WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment). Also, I have heard it being compared to Roller Derby. This morning, I was talking to one of my friends who is involved in other sports to a great degree but not so much in NASCAR. When he heard what went on Saturday night in Richmond, he was incredulous. He couldn't believe that NASCAR may not suspend the people involved from the sport's championship. In fact, he was saying they ought to be suspended indefinitely. I was somewhat speechless because I have no defense for NASCAR and the sport I love. And you know what, a whole lot of other people are of the same mindset as my friend. Unless something is done to set an example, I am afraid NASCAR will never have any credibility in the sporting world. It will simply be regarded as entertainment much like the WWE and Roller Derby.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clip Of The Week (GIS)

Something broke on the Rhett Carter car sending him hard into the wall last night at Golden Isles Speedway. Rhett is ok

Late Model rollover in the heat race below

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pastor Todd Shearin Interviews Wil Herrington

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to film Pastor Todd Shearin interviewing 17-year-old Wil Herrington. Wil had recently been baptized by Brother Todd and he was willing to share a little bit about that experience. Wil is a very popular young driver who has won several late model races already this year. In fact, he went out and won the race after the interview Sunday evening. I believe that Wil Herrington will win lots more and there is no telling how much impact his being willing to share his faith have on others. That's a good thing. Praise God!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Merwin/Childs Battle Cuts Points Chase Close (Hobby Video)

   This past weekend at Needmore the most exciting race of the night that had the fans on the toes and fired up was definitely the Hobby race. Leon Childs and Randy Merwin have been battling it out all season and with an extremely close chase for the points lead it was going to be up for grabs for either one. During the race, contact was made between both drivers. Merwin started out ahead of Childs but Childs drove to the front and the two began to battle it out. Both cars drove extremely hard, which at one point Leon drove so hard he skimmed the wall on the back stretch and caused sparks to fly. After he hits the wall he and Merwin tangle up and bring out the caution. Merwin drove the orange Troupeville car back on the track determined to finish his night and get a points lead. Merwin always finishes strong in the Hobby division and wasn't going to let the night so far deter him.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lloyd Holds off Simons At AMS

Thanks to Woody Hazel for the help.

All videos will be put up when done downloading



Videos: April Johnson Memorial at Cochran Motor Speedway

Fans who attended the April Johnson Memorial Race at Cochran Motor Speedway this Labor Day weekend sure got their money's worth. A lot of exciting races were seen as six features were run. First up this week for your viewing is the Pure Stock feature which Will Thompson won.

Monday, September 2, 2013