Big T's

Big T's

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who Wants To Go Fishing?

Many of you know that the red snapper season is open for only 9 days this year in federal waters and that starts this coming Sunday. Because many of us involved in racing are so busy on the weekends, I decided to check into a trip down to Destin during the middle of the week.

An 8-hour charter session on the New Florida Girl Party Boat run by Captain Jim Westbrook is what we settled on. It only costs $80 per person and it is located in Destin, Florida. This is a video I made about four years ago. It was on the New Florida Girl and it was actually my very first trip going deep sea fishing. It should give you some idea of what you can expect.
Be sure to check out the number of views on that video - and I didn't even show anyone fishing because I was so busy fishing myself. Captain Jim sure knows how to find the fish and everyone had a blast.

Call (850) 837-1293 to reserve your space on the New Florida Girl. You don't have to pay until you get there.

Being as frugal as I am,  I started looking for a clean decent place to stay and  I quickly started looking at hotels located a little bit away from the beach because I was finding those rooms were going for about $200 or more per night. What I found was the Best Western Crossroads Inn in Defuniak Springs. The owner is an American and he speaks fluent redneck. Well, at least he understood me. His name is David Dye and he is a fisherman himself. His son-in-law happens to own a charter boat if anyone is interested in going out on say just a "tiny" 40 foot boat.

Anyway, David is willing to offer any Deep Dixie Racing followers a ten dollar discount off of their normal $90 rate. Just call them at 850/892-5111and ask for the Deep Dixie Racing special ($79.95). This price will be good Sunday through Thursday, June 1st - 5th. See what Tripadvisor says about the Best Western Crossroads Inn by clicking here.

A free breakfast is being offered too. David says it is a real breakfast, not just some pastry and cereal.

Just checking into and planning a trip has gotten me excited about going fishing. If any of you would like to join in, call and book your room and schedule your passage today. This could just turn out to be a whole lot of fun. Wednesday June 4th is the day I am shooting for to go fishing. Why don't you guys come join me? The day we have decided to go out on is Thursday June 5th.

Best Western Crossroads Inn

New Florida Girl Party Boat Fishing

Monday, May 26, 2014

Videos: Pileup Wreck and Sportsman Feature

If the heat races were any indication, the fans at Cochran Motor Speedway were going to be in for an exciting night of racing. They did manage to get in the Sportsman feature race before high winds, lightning, and torrential rain hit. Here is a short video clip of a pileup wreck which occurred at the beginning of that race. Steven Jenson Jr. gives us the thumbs up early on to let us know he is okay. Billy Nipper was the only driver unable to continue after this wreck as he had some front-end damage.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cale Simons Claims Emotional Victory At AMS

Cale Simons $3,000 richer

Videos: East Alabama Memorial Day Races

East Alabama Motor Speedway treated everyone with some fireworks and great racing for Memorial Day weekend Saturday night in Phenix City. The feature videos will be listed below.

Late Model Feature

Monday, May 19, 2014

Big News Coming Tomorrow about The All Star Stock Car Series

listen tomorrow to find out

Race Drivers Face Many Hazards.......

Ronnie Johnson wins $3,000 at Penton






Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nesmith 525 Post Race Interviews


Videos: Waycross Motor Speedway 5/17/14

The Southern All Star Racing Series was on hand last night at Waycross Motor Speedway as well as all of the local classes. Listed in this post, you will find videos of the feature races as they are completed.

Southern All Star Late Model Feature

Thursday, May 15, 2014

My Top Races on DDR of all Time

The weather got DDR this last weekend so here are some of the best races that I think I have ever seen.
Enjoy!!! (LEO)

Bomber National 100 2012

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Waycross May 3rd Action




Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Mother of a Story

   Think of the first time you felt comforted. The feeling you had when you were warm and loved and safe. Now think of the person who made you feel that way. Most likely it involved a woman. A woman who was either mother, grandmother, aunt, or great grandmother. She was the first person there to hold you, comfort you, and pick you up when you fell. She made sure you ate, drove safely and washed behind your ears. A mom is everything and anything we need her to be. For some of us it's not a mom but like me, a grandma, who was always there to encourage and love. Sunday will be an important day for these women and some will protest and say it's just another day but to those of us who know the importance of these women in our lives, this day means a lot more. It's a day to give back to someone who has given their everything to us, to tirelessly sacrifice, and still finds ways to give more. I see, in a sport mostly dominated by men, the incredible backbone that most of them have comes actually from a woman.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Albany Action!!!!


Kelly Walker

Click read more for the rest of the nights action

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Videos: Smokey Harris Speedway 5/3/14

Deep Dixie Racing was on hand to capture some of the action at Smokey Harris Speedway this past Saturday night. You can click here to see the results of the feature races. From the main page, click "Read More" to see all the videos which were recorded.

Modified Feature

Limited Sportsman Feature

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Russell Brown Sr., Portrait of a Legend


  The definition of the word legend says "well known" or "a notorious person, especially in a particular field". In the particular field of racing there are many legends and many legendary stories of people but one person in particular brings the definition to life for me. Russell Brown Sr., I have known this man for a very long period of my life and if I were to tell you how long I would give my age away, and we all know that isn't going to ever happen. Russell has legendary status for me because I have never went to a race track where they didn't know his name and have some kind of story to tell or share. Some good, some bad, but ALWAYS interesting. He's a larger than life person. People love him or hate him but the point is, people know him.