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Monday, March 30, 2015

Videos & More: Waycross Motor Speedway 3/28/15

Well over a hundred cars showed up and the stands were packed at Waycross Motor Speedway Saturday night. The United Dirt Late Model Championship Series, the All Star Stock Car Series, and local supporting classes all ran. First up in videos, we have the UDLMCS feature which Bo Allan won.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

10 Questions Bama Bash 2015

   Special thanks to: Justin Bridges, Jay Elliot, Jackson Thomason, Wil Herrington, Heath Lawson, Lynn Robbins, "sexy" Jason Price, Jimmy Thomas, and Joseph Brown. I may have added on extra 11th question on a few at the end but I like to just throw them off their game sometimes.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Deep Dixie Racing Report 3/26/15

We had Red Farmer and Mike Head on the Deep Dixie Racing Report this week, two absolute racing legends. Also,we had Chad Tuten, Montie Vaughn,John Michael Schmear, and John Kellum, all drivers who won their events this past weekend. In addition, Bailey Harris stopped by to join us and we had Ken Kenney to call in about the United Dirt Late Model race which is coming up this weekend in Waycross. (If you click on the Youtube section of the video in the bottom right, it will take you to the youtube page and then under the video in the description, you can click on the time of the part of the show you want to see most. It will then take you that segment.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series News Release:  Contact – ROBY HELM – (865) 207-4157
March 21, 20152013 NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series Champion Ronnie Johnson

                SEYMOUR, TN – The 2015 Chevrolet Performance Super Late Model Series season opener on Saturday night at 411 Motor Speedway was one for the ages, as defending series National Champion Ronnie Johnson of Chattanooga, TN thrilled the packed house by starting 23rd, taking the lead on lap 35, and posting over a three second margin of victory at the end of 50 laps.
                Johnson started 23rd after failing to post a time during qualifications when his left-rear tire rolled off the wheel on his first qualifying lap.  At that time, Johnson thought his chances for a win were gone, but he would try to just take it easy, get a decent finish, and go on to the next race. 
                When Johnson pulled his NeSmith Chevrolet Special into Victory Lane after the race, he looked as surprised as anyone that he was actually there!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cochran Opens Up the 2015 Season With Full Throttle Action

Hunter Peacock wins in Late Models

Photo By: Megan Lloyd

Late Models


Pure stock


working on sportsman video

more videos to come

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Deep Dixie Racing Report 3/19/15

A Family Like No Other

   So, most people go to bed at night thinking they will wake up the next morning to start their normal lives as usual with their usual routines. Most people do anyways. I'm going to let you into some small insight into my life. I'm not one of those people. I go to bed at night ready for coffee in the morning already but also more than that, I'm fearful. Fearful of what you might wonder? Checking my phone. It may seem ridiculous to some but the story behind it isn't. I try to not check it but with family all over the place it's a necessity. My fear comes from the morning of September 8, 2011. I went to bed the night before thinking as most do, that I'd wake up to start my normal routine, and that morning I did until I remembered to check my phone and seeing it was lit up with missed calls and voice mails I knew something was wrong. To hear your grandma crying and upset through a voice mail telling you that you're father has been in a wreck that morning and it doesn't look good will kind of stop you from ever wanting to check your phone in the morning again. It will scar you for the rest of your life especially when you lose the one man you knew loved you more than anyone else ever would.
   Things like that will resonate with you forever and its not something you just get over. Soon after, I kind of threw myself into a more intimate relationship with racing besides just the parts I had already been involved in. It became even more of my life and with the emptiness losing my father had left, I started gaining a family to heal the hole left behind. When I tell someone that the people in racing are my family I mean it from every fiber in my being. These have been more than just friends and acquaintances. They have been a laugh when I've needed one, a listening board when I needed to vent, and pure love when I've felt my lowest. It's not just about cars and tracks and setups in racing, it's about the people that make up the sport. It is quite simply, a family. Our bonds to the sport are our bonds to each other. Some people may not look at it as a family because some just aren't wired that way and not everyone gets along and likes each other which is ok also but those people have too much hate and ugliness in them and that's for them to live with, not me.
    Recently something happened that took me back to a morning I had wished to never relive and that was one morning last week when I woke up the same way only to feel fear again at seeing my phone lit up with messages but this time about a friend I love so very much, Tony Bennett, being involved in a wreck and then being told it was critical and not knowing many more details than that. Pure terror and fear became real in those moments because he wasn't just a friend for me, he was part of my racing family. He was part of so many other people's racing family and the sheer amount of love for the man was overwhelming. As we all began to ask people for their thoughts and prayers for him to make it and heal, people in racing who had no idea who he was began to post well wishes and positive thoughts for him because even if they didn't know him personally, he was part of the racing family. He wasn't just another faceless name, he was a family member they took as their own and came together for those agonizing hours to circle him in love and positivity.
   Racing family. Do you see what I mean now? My racing family has always been there. They are part of me and I am part of them. The heart all these people have is something that simply can not be put into words. When we lose a member of our family or lose a member of our own personal families who's always there when we need them? It's those we see at the track and even those we have never seen at our tracks but race somewhere else and share our love for racing. It brings us all together in a way not many other sports can. We are tied together. We raise money for those who need it, we help give parts to drivers who may not have the money to buy new things, we don't look down at those who need us, we send positive thoughts and love to those in our family who need it. We are a family and we will always come together when one of us needs it. I speak for about 95% of us. Like I said, there are the 5% who live in the uglier side of life than I do.
   We are a strong family and we are never going to leave each other. We are here for good or bad, at least I know I am. I don't think a life without the racing family is much of a life. Tony is still in bad condition but he's here, he's alive, and he's fighting and we are all trying to send him love to help fight for him and giving our love and support to his family who he loves more than anything. It's been a hard ordeal for them but they are strong and they know he's fighting to come back to them. The racing family is here for anything they need and anything he needs. One of the ways to help will be next weekend on March 28th, at Waycross Motor Speedway, we will be passing the helmet (thanks to Michelle Stone and her huge heart) to raise money to help Tony and his family with medical expenses which will be high to say the least. With the huge crowd expected to turn out for the UDLMS series race and the All Star Stock Car Series races at Waycross I'm hoping to fill the helmet several times. Some of our family may have a lot and some may have a little but they always give generously and whatever they have to give they do. There are always problems in every family but when time comes, we all come together for what matters. I am always and forever going to be grateful for those in my racing family who have came into my life. My love for them will never die and the friendships I've made I will always keep. I've given my soul and heart to this sport and to these people and do not for one moment regret it. Every person I've met and even the ones I haven't met personally but know through racing have touched my life in some way. Some good, some bad, but the good ones I wouldn't trade for the universe for they are my racing family and I will love each and every one of you past my last breath. For Tony, I send my love and positive thoughts every single day for him to fight and get better and for his family I want them to know how incredibly loved they are. The racing family is strong and this family will always be there in moments of grief, pain, and the heights of wins, births, weddings and anything else life brings. Whatever may come, we will always be here, and no matter what, we are together and WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

John Kellum Opens Up 2015 With a Bang at North Florida

UDLMCS  $3,000 winner

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2015 Outlaw E Mod Schedule

Florida Outlaw E Modified Series
3-14 North Florida Speedway
4-25 NFS
5-2 VSP...
5-23 NFS
6-13 NFS
7-11 NFS
7-18 Waycross
8-8 NFS
9-12 VSP
9-26 NFS
10-10 NFS
10-31 VSP
11-7 Waycross
11-21 Hendry
11-27&28 NFS
We may add a few more dates. These races range from $300-500-750-1000 and it is not based on car count. We will announce night of show to prevent cherry pickers lol. There is also year end points fund. Still working on some sponsors. I want to thank these sponsors that are already aboard. Bendin' Rules, Hoosier, Burkins Chevrolet, Walt's electric co, Atlantic Powder Coating. Please support them as they have supported this series. If you know anyone that wants to help with sponsorship please have them contact NFS. All $$ goes back to YOU the driver. See northfloridaspeedway for Emod rules

Great Finish at the Bama Bash (Clip of the Week)

 The Cruiser feature at the Bama Bash was one for the ages. David Usery, Gator Berryhill, and Steven Jenson will never forget this one.

The Deep Dixie Racing Report

I'm ready to share some news with everyone......we at Deep Dixie Racing​ being myself, Dale Hall​, and Leo Johnson​ are proud to announce a new venture we have decided to do. We have a new racing show called "The Deep Dixie Racing Report" and we can't be more proud of our new baby. We want to bring racing news to everyone in a new way for us. The show will air on Thursday on our website at from 7-9pm. We have decided to have none other than the announcer from Cochran Motor Speedway​, Todd Shearin, to host our show. We will have call ins, local and national drivers throughout the year and all the promoters and tracks who have been so good to us on to talk about their news from time to time. We are so humbled by the tracks, fans and sponsors who have supported us through these years. We couldn't do it without every one of ya'll and this show would not be possible without some extraordinary sponsors like Mike N Linda Heard​ from 5 Star Hyundai, Raymond Poore with Rescue's Smokehouse Grill in Inaha, Ga. Jay Laycock with Offroad Powersports, Langdale Fuel, Weeks Farm and Machinery Auction, Wildcat Performance Engines​, ASA Performance​, Ellenton Tire and Auto, Green Flag Race Engines, and Big T's Racing Supply. We could not do this without them. There are still sponsorship opportunities available just give me a holler. We can't wait to bring this new experience to everyone and we really hope you like this new venture we are all going on. It will be informative, light hearted at times and a way to share what we all love...RACING. We humbly thank you all for the support, it means everything to us. See you Thursday at 7pm!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Photo Story: 2015 Bama Bash

Here is a photo story of the final day of the 2015 Bama Bash at the East Alabama Motor Speedway.