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Big T's

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Southern Thunder Series Brings The Chill Factor To Albany

  The Southern Thunder Late Model Series rolled into Albany for the inaugural race of the brand new series and with a huge field of late models it proved to be worth braving heavy winds and freezing temperatures. Steven Roberts dubbed "The Shark" sat on the pole position with a 14.7 and Josh Southerland claimed the outside poll with a 14.8, only one tenth from the pole and also with a new number Josh was hoping to change his luck that night. Steven took the lead from the start and kept it until the very end even after several cautions he proved hard to beat but at the end the 99 of Travis Carter was beating on the 111's door. Steven took the checkered flag followed extremely close by Travis Carter and 3rd place finisher Josh Southerland who's new number and new car proved to be just the thing to change his luck. All videos will be posted below just click the READ MORE link to see them.

Steven Roberts Interview
Late Models

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hard Charger Winner: Russell Brown Jr.

   In our regional area there are a few names that are well known in the racing community. Brown is more than a color to those of us who follow racing, it's a name known for excellence in building some of the most popular race cars around and for a driver who can be dominant at most every track he attends. Russell Brown Jr. is one of the most well known drivers who can hit the track with his black 00 or orange 22 and people know he's there to be a dominant force. Being a hard charger says that he can and will do what it takes to make it to the front at every track he attends and watching Russell throughout the years I have seen him do it more times than I can count. He has talent and some of the best cars behind him.
   Russell Brown Jr. started out in the racing world before he was even born, he just didn't know it then. His dad, Russell Brown Sr. was a driver at race tracks in the area and a builder of  the popular Russell Brown Chassis. Russell Jr.'s first experience at the race track was at only 2 weeks old when his mom brought him out to Thunderbowl to watch his dad race. From 2 weeks old until now it has stuck with the 34 year old driver. It was a gene his dad passed down to him. The knowledge and know how was a gift that dad has imparted to his son and together it has created dominant cars and a fiercely competitive driver. Russell got into his first race car at the age of 23 in a clip car at Watermelon Capital Speedway, but before then he traveled the area doing different jobs until he decided racing was what he wanted to do. His dad never pushed him but instead decided to let his son grow up on his own terms and gave him the roots and wings he needed. The roots were what brought Russell Jr. back home and something more important, the sense of family that only the racing community could provide him.
   In his other jobs he only felt like a number checking in day after day but in racing he felt a belonging and felt he could get respect for what he brought to the whole of racing. Fabricating is another talent he has in spades. At the young age of 13 he created an interior for Tom Jones that was gold and showcased his artistic talent. Racing isn't just an on track deal for him, it's an off track, all encompassing love and passion. This life long love has brought him to some very successful seasons in the past with many accomplishments and proud moments. Last season, one of his favorite moments was going to the Talladega short track which he's never been to, in a super late model he had only driven 3 times before and raced into the Southern All Stars race Friday night by finishing third in the consi and starting 8th in the Saturday feature. It is quite a feat when there are over 40 plus cars there to make the show.
   Last season was capped off with 7 wins and travels to GIS, Waycross, Needmore, Albany, NFS, Cochran and Talladega. What keeps him going hard at every race making him the hard charger is the competition and the drive be the best at what he does. It makes him want to be a better driver and get to become a successful regional driver. He has hopes of a National 100 win and to run some more super late model races. He has the drive and also the support of Robinson Recycling, Davey Johnson of EAG, Ga811, Byron Koury, Russell Brown Sr., Russell Brown Racecars, and Derek Williams. They all contribute to each and every success he has. Russell is humble in the respect that he knows without a shadow of a doubt it couldn't be done without these people, the fans, the promoters, and the other drivers. He is very serious on this subject. In his words "It takes all of us to be a success". To win this award Russell says it means a lot to him and lets him know he must be doing something right. Right indeed. He has such a bright future ahead and looks to on track idol Ivedent Lloyd for what he wants his career to be modeled after. Ivedent is a respected driver by everyone and when he comes to the track everyone knows they better be on their A game. This is what Russell hopes for his future and to be a household name. I don't think he knows he's already there. His name is well known and when he comes to the track he will always be a driver to contend for the win with. I think without Hard Chargers like Russell, racing wouldn't be what it is today and he shows me each and every race what we should all strive for in life. To be a success in all we do, to never give up, and most importantly never forget those who have gotten us to where we are today.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Live Video Test

A Shark Attack at Needmore

( The Shark ) Steven Roberts takes home $2,000 at Needmore
Late models
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All videos will be put up when complete.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Iron Man Award Winner: Brian Hansford

   The words "Iron Man" bring to mind a blockbuster movie with Robert Downey Jr. but in the Deep Dixie Racing world it means something else. It represents a driver who is at the track any and every where. The driver can put himself to the front in any given situation and never gives up. He does what's necessary to get to a race each and every week. Brian Hansford has been the epitome of what an Iron Man is. He can be found at a race track every week and no matter how near or far to his house he loads up and hits the road. Brian has true grit and resolve to follow a dream that was realized through a love of the sport given to him by someone he loved dearly.
   Humanity requires of all of us to sympathize with the others we meet on the road of life whether we share a story with them or whether we come from a different book all together. I share a story with Brian, and my humanity has caused me to identify with him because of this commonality. Brian had a hero like myself. A person who gave us things in life that can never be forgotten. The men we call our fathers. Brian was brought to the race track by his hero, his father, and was given a gift by him. A gift of a love of racing. It was something they loved to do. A way for father and son to bond and spend all important time together. Brian's dad was the one to put him in his first race car 4 years ago.   
   A street stock that he ran his first race at Cottonwood, Alabama in. It brought the father-son team together even more. Brian began to see success as a driver and won a track championship in his first full racing season at Smokey Harris Speedway. It was looking to be a spectacular future for them until a couple of years ago things began to change. Brian's dad was diagnosed with a cancer that gave him little to no hope and he was given 6 months to live. It devastated Brian. How could he carry on when his hero was so sick. His father never gave up and beat it for a year and a half making it to each and every race Brian was in even when he was too sick to get out of his vehicle he would still be there at the track just because his son was there racing.
   A year and a half he spent with his son, encouraging, cheering for, and loving his son until the cancer returned and he succumbed to the disease. As someone who has lost a father I know the pain Brian carries. It makes his story a little more personal for those of us who have lost someone we called our hero. Brian has kept his and his dad's dream of racing alive by continuing to race. He has won two more track championships since then at Cottonwood and North Florida Speedway. He carries on with the help of someone we have all seen at each and every race with him. His wife Krystal. Brian will tell you he could not do it without her. While he's at work she can hold down the house, the family, and will (and I'm not lying) change out the motor in the car and make any changes needed to the car. She has been his rock and there with him through everything on and off the track. Krystal is a true racer's wife.
   Winning 17 races last season he also couldn't do it without the help of some great sponsors like, Ryan Fowler Race Cars, Outlaw Race Parts, Lajoie Seats and Arnett Septic. These sponsors have been there to help Brian become such a success this past season. They will carry him through this season where he will be racing in the Nesmith Street Stock Series and regular shows around the area. For his future Brian sees an endless sky of racing potential. Deep Dixie sees nothing but success in his future too. It's why he's the winner of this award. He can get to the track and get the job done along with the help of his wife Krystal who will be there making sure Brian has everything he needs to follow his dream and there will always be the extra member of the crew who is with Brian every time he hits the track, his dad. Now that I know more of Brian's story and know there is a shared life experience I will always look at him as more than just a driver, but as a man who is racing every race for his hero, who is an Iron Man because one man gave him a love of a sport and the iron will to get to the front and every time Brian does, I imagine there is a big smile in heaven somewhere with nothing but pride being sent to victory lane and someone saying "that's my son". Congratulations Brian, I know your dad is proud of you.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wil Herrington: 2014 Young Gun Award Winner

   Wil Herrington is a very quiet, unassuming type of personality when he's not in a race car, but when he climbs in it's a different story. He becomes a hard-nosed, put it to the front, no nonsense driver. Racing is all he's ever known. His dad started him out in the road warrior division at the young age of 12 at his home track of Cochran Motor Speedway. It's where he learned the ins and outs of racing and learned how to hone his skills and talent for the past 5 years. Talent is something he is not short of. After battling bad luck in previous seasons, it all came together for his 2013 season.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Zaxby’s Becomes Title Sponsor of SpeedFest 2014

Submitted by Glenn Luckett

Townley, Armstrong, Tissot, Buggay, Cannon and Ruble top List of New Event Entries
Salem, IN (January 14, 2014) – Champion Racing Association Powered by JEGS officials have announced that Zaxby’s restaurant chain has agreed to be the title sponsor of SpeedFest 2014, which will be held on Saturday, January 25th and Sunday, January 26th at Watermelon Capital Speedway located in Cordele, Georgia.

“We are very excited to have Zaxby’s on board as the title sponsor of SpeedFest 2014,” remarked R.J. Scott, Managing Partner of CRA. “Adding a top company’s name like Zaxby’s will help in the promotion and name recognition of this event. Zaxby’s is well known throughout the south and is starting to grow its name in the North. We look forward to working with Zaxby’s in this new partnership!”

Entries continue to arrive daily for the Zaxby’s SpeedFest 2014. Additional entries for the SpeedFest 200 ARCA/CRA Super Series Powered by JEGS Super Late Model event include NASCAR Nationwide Series competitor Dakoda Armstrong and NASCAR Camping World Truck competitor John Wes Townley, who will both drive cars for famed crew chief Richie Wauters.

Also entered now for the SpeedFest 200 are Florida racers Kyle Bryant and Joe Boyd, Indiana racer Jeff Cannon, Georgia’s Dwayne Buggay, North Carolina’s Lee Tissot, and Texas hot shoe Casey Smith. They join the likes of David Ragan, Johnny Sauter, Jeff Fultz, John Hunter Nemechek, Donnie Wilson, Hunter Robbins, Anderson Bowen, Spencer Davis, Brandon Oakley, Jake Griffin, Joe Ross, Dalton Grindle and Brady Boswell on that events early entry list.

Topping the list of new early entries for the Chevrolet Performance125 JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Pro Late Model event with the Zaxby’s SpeedFest 2014 include Dwayne Buggay, Spencer Davis, Jeff Cannon and Anderson Bowen, joining the growing list of double duty drivers for the event. Other new entries include top Southern Pro Late Model competitor Korey Ruble from Alabama, Cole Rouse from Arkansas and Georgia racers Kyle and Jordan McCallum. They join the likes of John Hunter Nemechek, Hunter Robbins, Justin South, Terry Senneker Jr., Dalton Grindle, Harrison Burton, JJ Haley, T.W. Fisher, Justin Ashburn and Amber Slagle on that events early entry list.

Additional entries for both events are expected to continue to arrive in the next week and a half leading up to the event.

The Zaxby’s SpeedFest 2014 will once consist of a 200 lap ARCA/CRA Super Series Super Late Model special non-points event and a 125 lap JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Presented by Chevrolet Performance Pro Late Model special non-points event. The Speedfest 200 for the ARCA/CRA Super Series will have a break at lap 100 and will count yellow flag laps up to lap 175. The Chevrolet Performance 125 for JEGS/CRA All-Stars Tour Pro Late Models will be a four tire only event and will count yellow flag laps up to lap 100.

SpeedFest 2014 information can be found at

All information on CRA, including the 2014 rules, license forms and the entry form for both SpeedFest 2014 events, can be found at

Monday, January 6, 2014

Mark Whitener Proves Why He Deserves To Be Deep Dixie Racing Driver of the Year at the Showdown in the Swamp





Friday, January 3, 2014

Winners Announced (Big Jim's Racing Supplies 2013 Awards)

We have all the votes in for Driver of the Year, (voted on by track owners, track officials, series owners, series promoters and the media) and your 2013 winner is MARK WHITENER! Congratulations Mark and team Big Frog! We also need to announce the winners of our other awards. Our Ironman Award winner is BRIAN HANSFORD! He raced everywhere, all the time, a true Ironman. The winner of our Hard Charger award winner is RUSSELL BROWN JR. He charged his way to the front for countless races this past season. Our final award, The Young Gun, goes to WILL HERRINGTON! At a young age has won a track championship at Cochran Motor Speedway and a NLMS race this past season. These guys worked extremely hard this year and should be proud of their achievements. Congratulations guys, you deserve it!