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Big T's

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekend Outlook: Smokey Harris Speedway

                         14 May 2011_24
Last weekend Deep Dixie Racing expanded our borders and went south, but this Friday we'll be expanding west to Alabama. More specifically, Haleburg, the home of Smokey Harris Speedway. It's a track with a rich history that started out as the Chattahoochee Valley Speedway and was opened in 1967 by Arthur Harris. Mr. Harris kept it open for 7 seasons then it was closed for 30 years until it was leased in 2008 and the name changed to Chattahoochee Valley Motor Speedway. In 2010 the grandaughter of the original owner, Renee and her husband Joe, reopened the track but Joe changed the name of the track to Smokey Harris to name it after her grandpa. Smokey being his nickname.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The State Of Area Short Track Racing

   I just got the news on facebook that Golden Isles Speedway will be closed for much needed repairs. It got me to thinking about the state of the area short tracks.
   There were sixteen tracks open at some point in time last year that were running until now in our coverage area.Tracks from 441 to Ocala, Smokey Harris to Golden Isles to give you an idea of  Deep Dixie Racing's coverage area.
   The first track last year to close was Needmore.Not because of car count or money but noise caused legal problems for the track. The track in Dothan shut down, GIS at one point closed for sale. Before the year was up, two more tracks suspended racing to regroup, Putman County and Lake city's asphalt track. Putman put new red clay down in the winter but the permits for much needed repairs have been hard to obtain. Lake City on the other hand was hit by the cost of running asphalt.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Videos from North Florida Speedway

Sammy Hatcher made a last lap pass coming off turn two on Will Gardner to pick up the street stock win.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fan Of The Week: Lauralee Flournoy

The Fan Of The Week for this week is the daughter of limited late model (sportsman) driver Allen Flournoy, Lauralee Flournoy.  She has grown up around racing and she loves it.  It shows, check out the video.

7 Questions: Allen Flournoy

Allen Flournoy took the time to answer 7 Questions for Deep Dixie Racing this past Saturday night.  Check out the video and get to know Allen a little bit better.

Bedenbaugh Powers to Victory at North Florida Speedway

   North Florida Speedway's late model feature was a show in what 600 horsepower looks like on the race track.  The number 26 of Adam Bedenbaugh was a powerhouse and took control of the race early without looking back. Jay Johnson in the 1J car was in second behind Bedenbaugh but couldn't quite pass the 26. Bedenbaugh and Johnson raced for the top spot seeing Johnson at one point catch Bedenbaugh but to no avail. Only lap traffic seemed to slow up Bedenbaugh and give Johnson a chance to close the gap but it also became a problem for Johnson with Bedenbaugh opening the gap back up slightly and taking the checkered flag.

Videos: Feature Races At Albany Motor Speedway 5/26/12

These are videos of the feature races run at Albany Motor Speedway on 5/26/12. Click here to see the results.

Limited Sportsman Feature

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Weekend Outlook: North Florida Speedway

  North Florida Speedway, located in Lake City, Florida is a 4/10 mile d-shaped oval that is home to premier racing in north Florida. Fans and drivers know they can always come North Florida Speedway for a special race event or a regular Saturday night and see a night of full-throttle racing. The company NSR Associates owns the track and is owned by Phil and Liz Guadagno. They are the type of owners who are constantly giving back to the drivers and the community. Not working off a salary, they give all money they make to the drivers and back into the track. Phil has been a life long race fan and opened it along with his wife because they were wanting a track that would consistently be there for fans and drivers and have proven that by doing just that.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Exum outruns the veterans to the checkered flag

       Limited Sportsman hit the track Saturday with a field of young guns and veterans. Cole Exum was the top contender beating out a strong field of limiteds to bring home the checkered flag at Needmore's first race of the season.

Childs wins in a barn burner

    Saturday night's hobby feature brought out some genuine South Georgia racing at it's best. There were spin-outs, wall crashes, and a huge Daytona-like car pile-up. Leon Childs started on the pole for the night and worked hard to keep a lead and was spun out at one point but still managed to hold off the competition. The big wreck claimed multiple cars but didn't deter them from getting back in the race and finishing. Each one of the drivers drove as hard as they could and left it all on the track. Now that's what I call real South Georgia racing.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ross Delivers Dominating Performance at Needmore

    Saturday night was a highly anticipated night for South Georgia. Needmore Speedway was scheduled to have its first race of the season. Gates opened at three and fans and drivers alike were already waiting. Earliest arrivals were the ones hoping to get the best spots nearest to the track and get prepared for racing the quickest. As time passed, more and more cars and people arrived in what seemed like an endless wave. The race track was filled all around the track, in the stands, and in the pits. The sounds of race cars cranking in the pits could be deafening and the glint of the sun off so many race cars could be blinding.

Videos: Feature Races At Golden Isles Speedway 5/19/12

Exciting racing was witnessed by fans at the Golden Isle Speedway on 5/19/12, including a National Late Model Series 40-lap feature which was won by Brandon Dewitt of Morven, Georgia. All of the feature videos will be posted below as they are completed. Let's begin with the Limited Late Model race.

Watermelon Capital Speedway Recap & Results

Submitted by: Billy Goodman
On an awesome South Georgia evening for some fantastic racing, racers and fans filled the 4/10 mile Watermelon Capital Speedway in Cordele, Ga which saw an impressive sibling battle and a driver pick up his fourth win of 2012.

Video: Limited Late Model Driver Amber Williams

Deep Dixie Racing had an opportunity to speak with Amber Williams at Golden Isles Speedway on 5/19/12.  Amber has been racing for four years now and is a great ambassador for the sport.  Check out the video.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weekend Outlook: Golden Isles Speedway

   Do you need some excitement in your life? Need something loud in your ears to drown out the boss's barking orders, the husband or wife's nagging, or the baby's screaming? Do I have a place for you. How about the sound of around 550 horses screaming in your ear? That's the sound you'll hear this weekend at Golden Isles Speedway when the NLMSS comes roaring into town. For 40 laps you can watch some of the best drivers in South Georgia drive their way to a $3,000 payday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Track Admission Prices

The following chart is a list of what is believed to be the current admission prices of various race tracks in our area. Remember, these prices are believed to be for regular events only and they are subject to change.  You will notice that some tracks give discounts for military personnel, senior citizens, and even children. What do you think of that?  We would also like to know which tracks you think are family-friendly and which ones aren't.  Your comments would be appreciated. (Other track admission prices will be posted as they are obtained.)

Needmore Speedway Picture Story

Spotlight of the week: Eddie MacDonald Sr. Interview

    Mr. MacDonald is a well-known driver from our area and I had the pleasure of meeting him last week at Needmore Speedway's practice. He is full of history and has lived a colorful racing life. I could sit and listen to his stories all day if he would let me. He brings a nice melding of old school and new school to his stories, with his advice to young drivers that should be heeded if you're looking to make a good driver of yourself, he certainly wasn't just an average driver, he became a legend.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Videos: Albany Motor Speedway 5/12/12

All of the videos will be posted below starting with the Limited Sportsman Feature.

Needmore opening night practice

  Saturday night, May 5, 2012 almost one year since the track closed, race cars laid rubber down once again on the 3/8 mile oval. A little over 40 cars were on hand to warm up for next week's season opener. Keith Stith and Dan Broome were fully prepared and ready for the crowd. Deep Dixie Racing was on hand for all the action.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

GIS Race Results and Video

   Supermoon Saturday was supposed to bring out the wild side in everyone and what I saw was some wild driving at GIS. After my talk with our host Tommy Banks I was more than ready to see what Golden Isles was going to deliver and it did not disappoint. If this was any indication of the racing, the NLMSS race on May 19th will be one race not to be missed. You can check out the website for more info. The late model feature video and race results are posted below.

Videos: 441 Speedway 5/5/12

It was another great night of racing at 441 Speedway last night.  Justin McCorkel and his staff do an excellent job of putting on a race as they are constantly putting both fans and drivers first.  Everyone I spoke with had high praise for the track.  What really impressed me though was the new track configuration.  The steep banking makes for some exciting racing.  If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out.  You should really enjoy the show.  In the meantime, check out the video of last night's action.

1st Feature

Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Outlook: Golden Isles Speedway

    In Waynesville, Ga. sits a 4/10 mile, d-shaped clay oval that I call home every year on the weekend of the Superbowl of Dirt. This year it was jam packed with drivers and fans alike who all came out to witness some of the best racing in south Georgia. This race is no joke and neither is this track. In October of last year Tommy Banks through his company Pro Dirt Series Inc. leased the track from Frankie Lloyd, but this wasn't his first time dealing with the track. He has been with GIS since the 1980's and he is extremely proud of his track and facilities, which he should be. They are always in order, clean, thank heavens air-conditioned , and ready for racing. It's always family-friendly and Mr. Banks lets his guys race and have a good time doing it which always brings the fans and drivers back.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting To Know Chase Elliott

Full name: William Clyde Elliott II.
Nickname: Chase. That was a nickname given to me when I was born.
Years racing: Eight years.
Best racing memory so far: Winning the Snowball Derby in December 2011.
Favorite track: I’d say Dover (Del.) International Speedway. It just has a lot of character to it, and there’s no track I’ve seen that compares to it.
Hobbies outside of racing: I’ve always been a fan of riding dirt bikes and stuff like that. I also enjoy snowboarding.

SGMP 4-28 Finishing order and pictures

A special thanks to Woody Hazel for helping with the pictures and finishing orders!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Needmore Interview

   Driving to Needmore yesterday to do an interview with Keith Stith and Dan Broome brought back some fond memories for me. It was like no time had passed between then and now and I was reveling in the fact that my hopes for this track to open back up were coming to fruition. Deep Dixie Racing had an interview scheduled with the new track managers and I was ready to hear about them and their plans for the track. Keith and Dan were very welcoming and had lots to say about Needmore and the community. One quote in particular pretty much sums up the interview to me and it was when Dan Broome said "Nobody on Earth has better fans than Needmore". I know that both men have a long standing love of racing and it was evident through their passion when talking about Needmore.