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Monday, December 30, 2013

Time For a Showdown

Have we all had our fill of the racing down time? Have we opened enough presents and ate enough food you have to roll yourself to the couch because its so much easier than walking? If you haven't you're one of the few because the feeling in the air is, "it's time already". Drivers and fans are needing that one drop of the drug we love called racing. It's a craving that we can't live without, it's a surge to our adrenalin glands that gives us the safest high there is. There hasn't been any racing for a few weeks now and believe me, that makes most of us have serious withdrawals. There is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. This weekend, in Waycross, Georgia, will be the Showdown in the Swamp. Racing, finally! Also, one of my favorite tracks.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 UDLMCS Schedule

This the 2014 schedule for the UDLMCS.
March 15th: Waycross
April 26th: Volusia
June  6th: Volusia
July 26th: Waycross
August 30th: Volusia
November 8th: Volusia
November 29th: North Florida
December 6th: Volusia

*So far, Kyle Bronson and Brandon Cameron have also committed to run the entire schedule.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Voting for Big Jim's Racing Supplies Driver of the Year Begins Now!

Well guys and gals it's that time! Time for you to nominate your pick for the Big Jim's Racing Supplies Most Popular Driver of the Year! The top 4 nominees on Facebook will be put on our website for the final vote by fans. Our nominations start now and will run until Sunday at 8pm. One driver per person. If you vote more than once your first vote will be the only one to count. We will then tally the votes and put the top 4 on the website for the final vote. There is one other rule, you can only nominate the driver in the comment section of this post. ALL NOMINATIONS SENT TO US IN MESSAGES OR POSTS ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PAGE WILL NOT BE COUNTED, THEY MUST BE IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF THE POST! We would like to wish everyone good luck and let the voting begin!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Award Season Is Upon Us

It's that time of year again. Not Christmas, although, I have a list for anyone who wants to play Santa Claus. I mean it's award season for Deep Dixie Racing. Our biggest award is Driver of The Year and one deserving driver will be presented this award that is being voted on by series owners, series promoters, track representatives, track owners, and media. The votes are pouring in for this award and there are so many guys on the list that are up for the award that truly are worthy to be called Driver of The Year. Once all the votes are in we will tally the votes up and determine the winner. So many drivers had great years this year. Names like Russell Brown Jr., Jason Fitzgerald, Kyle Van Sickle, William Thomas, Kyle Bronson, and Mark Whitener are just a few that come to mind. (There are many more) Last year's winner, Mark Whitener proved worthy of his award in 2012 by winning 14 races that year.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 2013

This past year, Deep Dixie Racing had traveled all over the Southeast and was witness to some of the most spectacular sights in racing. Each week was a new adventure for us and a chance to be a part of the crazy, weird, amazing, and nail-biting roller coaster ride we call the racing life. I believe we saw just about everything imaginable at these races but the greatest part of all of this was the drivers you see in these videos who let us become part of their lives for a short amount of time and the race tracks, owners and promoters alike, who let us come in and film and who have all become like a second family to us. All of these people made this video possible and for that we thank them all. Our behind the scenes help Ryan Williams and Woody Hazel, your help this year was unmatched. Our partner Dale Hall, he is more than a partner, he's family and one of the very best. Finally, the producer of the video, Leo Johnson, he has put in countless hours on this video and many other videos throughout the year. He works tirelessly to bring the races to the fans and we all hope you enjoy it. To our sponsors, you have made it possible by your contributions and we humbly thank you. So this is dedicated to you, the fans, from Deep Dixie Racing. We truly appreciate everything.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Albany Motor Speedway Ends 2013 With A Night Of Honors

By :Albany Motor Speedway

  Nov 23, 2013: Albany Motor Speedway held its 2013 Points and Awards Banquet at the Albany Exchange Club Fairgrounds Dining Hall. The room was decorated with a great checkered flag theme that set the tone for a great celebration of the 2013 AMS season. Everyone knew the 2013 season was over, we had taken the checkered flag; we won the race and are ready for the next one the 2014 season.
            Following a delicious meal the awards ceremony began with the top five finishers in all divisions receiving a beautiful trophy along with a check for their racing accomplishments at AMS in 2013. There will be a complete winners list at the conclusion of this article.  Wonderful door prizes were given out by drawing from the ticket stubs between division awards. The door prizes included five envelopes with $100 in cash inside, tools, several products from Schaeffer’s oil a pedicure and racing parts from Big Jim Racing Supply.
            Special awards were given for several categories highlighted by the Big Heart of the Year Award won by Tony Lasseter for all the John Deere bicycles we gave away to children twelve and under sponsored by Lasseter Equipment. The Albany Motor Speedway Pannell Cup was awarded to the J5 team of Ben Summerlin car owner with Jeffery Summerlin the driver. The Pannell Cup is a new annual team award and the highest award AMS bestows.
            AMS is so very thankful to all who made such a wonderful year with great memories to be cherished for years to come. Looking forward we are eager and excited to begin the 2014 season with our racing family at Albany Motor Speedway.   



Monday, December 2, 2013

Mark Whitener Wins UDLMS Race And Championship At NFS


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Video: Montana Dudley Wins At Cochran!

Montana Dudley had his car dialed in last night and handily won the Friday night feature at the 2nd Annual Arlene Pittman Memorial. Ricky Culpepper came in 2nd and Keith Edge finished 3rd in a 24 car field.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ray Cook $10000 Heavier After Nesmith Championship at BRP

  Ray Cook came home $10000 heavier after last Saturday's Nesmith Championship race at Bubba Raceway Park. Starting tenth in the feature, Cook stayed patient and waited for his turn to lead the field. Ray Cook passed William Thomas a little after halfway and dominated the field until the end of the race. Driving the 114 car owned by Howard Stall instead of his usual 53 which is being worked on still from damage he got in East Alabama, Cook seemed to have the right set up and tire choice that combined to make him the victor at Bubba Raceway Park.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tim Powers Wins Big In Hobby Stock At Bubba

Hobby Stock Feature and Crate Late Model heats are on this post. Nesmith feature will be posted when done.



heat 1

Friday, November 22, 2013

Steven Roberts Wins Earlybird 75 After DQ of Clanton

   This past weekend at Needmore Speedway, there was a multitude of fans and drivers that flocked to the race track to see who would dominate the late model feature with a nationally known driver Shane Clanton coming into town to try his hand at the track. It was one of the best races of the year and Shane Clanton make quick work of taking charge of the field and lapping cars with the 111 of Steven Roberts behind him. Clanton ended up crossing the finish line as the winner but in a protest by the 111 car, it was found that Clanton's car had an illegal fuel pump and was disqualified giving the win to Roberts.

Click the read more to see the rest of the videos.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ronnie Newsome Wins Day 1 of Earlybird 75 After DQ

   Saturday was the start of features in Hobby, Enduro, Skeeter, Superstreet, and Mini Stocks. There was 3 and 4 wide racing on Needmore's new track configuration and track workers had worked feverishly to prepare the racing surface and what they created was a Needmore unlike we had seen in the past. It was perfect for racing and created some of the best racing I have seen there all year. In the mini stock division Tyler Summerlin brought home the win and in Enduro Ryan Hembree had a hard fought battle for the win but prevailed. The skeeter car feature saw Mr. Lonnie Roberts take home the win and in Superstreet Bobby Piper was the top dog for Saturday bringing home the checkers. Hobby division saw a little bit more of a dramatic finish when the 11 car of Ronnie Newsome and 7 car of Leon Childs were battling for the win on the last lap and as the checkered flag dropped Leon crossed the finish line first but once the race was over Childs' car turned up the race track in turn one and it ended with Newsome in the wall. Leon was disqualified and Ronnie Newsome, who finished second was declared the winner. It was, to say the least, an exciting finish by both men.

Click the read more link below to see the rest of the features from Saturday.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Friday, The Beginning Of the Earlybird 75 Showdown

   The saying "the early bird gets the worm" is a popular saying but what does an Earlybird winner get? They get a nice, cool, ten grand. Can I scream this to you?! TEN GRAND! This Friday will begin the weekend for the 2nd annual Earlybird 75 at Needmore Speedway in Norman Park, Ga. Speaking from experience, last year's race lived up to the hype that surrounded it. It was a nonstop roller coaster ride of side by side action in each and every division. Last year's winners, I'm sure are ready to defend their titles and this weekend will be the proving ground for top drivers in all classes. Cars and drivers from all over the country are "flocking" (get it?) to Needmore to test their skills against some of the hometown guys and whichever comes out on top it's sure to be matchups of the highest skills between these guys and gals.

   The track has been under work every since the last regular season race and Keith and Dan have been working furiously to bring everything together so fans and drivers can come and have an experience they won't soon forget. Friday will kick off with practice for that day and all drivers and fans can come out and see what their cars can do and to get a sneak peek at what the action will be like for the weekend. Saturday will be the second day but the first day of features in Superstreet, Hobby, Enduro, Skeeter, and Mini Stocks. Late Models and Limited Late Models will qualify with consolation races running for them on Sunday.
   Needmore is expecting a huge field of cars for this weekend and the list of drivers coming just gets bigger and bigger. Just a few of the drivers coming are:
Ivedent Lloyd Jr.
Jason Fitzgerald
Joe Armistead
Brandon Overton
Clay Knight
Shane Clanton
Will Herrington
Keith Edge
and a few more surprises in there, but you'll have to come out to see the full field. I couldn't forget the hometown guys either. Kelly Walker, Ronnie Newsome, Brandon Dewitt, Cale Simons, Lavon Sloan, Russell Brown Jr., Steven Roberts and last year's Earlybird winner, Stacey Roberts. There's way more drivers that are coming but like I said, you have to come to find out. I myself am ready to see how the local drivers do against our out of town guys. It's always a friendly competition between both groups and so much respect between them that it always makes these races as great as they are. It'll be a weekend of exciting racing, good people, and a friendly atmosphere.
   All classes will bring with them guys and gals that are out to prove themselves. That they can take on a full field and dominate it all the way to the checkered flag. No giving up, no quitting. Hard-nosed, full out, everything on the line racing. No giving breaks, no backing down tough as nails drivers. It's all or nothing this weekend and these guys will be giving it everything they have with every drop of sheer determination they have in them. It's not going to be as simple to some as Needmore being the home of racing for the weekend. It's the battleground and the troupes are lined up for battle on the track. Sunday will end the weekend and these guys will have given it their everything with nothing more left. Until the next race.
   It's not a weekend to miss and it's not something you want to just hear about the next week. You want to be there to experience each and every fender rubbing, sliding sideways action you can see for yourself. It wouldn't be fair to yourself to miss out on this. Come see what everyone will be talking about for weeks to come. Gates open at 4pm on Friday, 12 noon Saturday with racing at 3pm, and 10am Sunday with racing at 2pm. Be ready, because you don't want to miss this!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Legend Of Bobby Thomas Continues At The Nationals

Sportsman winner for the National 100 Bobby Thomas

Also the Bomber, Superstreet, Hobby, Superstreet, and Crate Late Model videos are on this post



Monday, November 11, 2013

10 Questions Part 2 Nationals

  This is the second part to the 10 questions segment from East Alabama. These guys were just as funny and caught off guard as the first group. I would like to thank Tim McCreadie, Jake Knowles, Jonathan Davenport, Barry Wright, and Ivedent Lloyd Jr. for making truly enjoy doing what I do and indulging my crazy questions. They were all willing to answer any and everything I threw out at them.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Videos: 441 Speedway 11/9/13

Let's get started this week with the Pure Stock feature at 441 Speedway. Danny Rycroft picked up his first victory this year in this division.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Clips Of The Week (Nationals 100)

  We have five clips of the week

The finish to the National 100 Super Late Model race.
PLUS: A bad Mod crash.
            The Cruiser rollover
            Wall cam, close call
            A Mini Stock fire that want go out

 Just clip read more to view all five

Jordan McDonald Brings Home The National 100 In Cruiser

All of Saturday nights action can be seen right here. Mods, Cruiser, and the Mini Stock features are below. Just click read more.

  Jordan McDonald started his feature from the second row inside and he made it a point to drive his new R&C Motorsports cruiser to the front. Powered by Beaver Motors, he began his climb to the front jumping to the second position behind the 58 of Steven Jenson. It was a long fought battle between both with Jenson preferring the top line and Jordan sticking to the bottom line. At one point Jordan catches the lead and after a caution gets the top spot. Jordan held onto the position until the end of the race. On the last lap Billy Duell Jr. was knocking on Jordan's door in turn 3 but Jordan pulled off of turn 4 and checked out. To say he and his crew were excited would be an understatement. Jordan now comes home and until next year can be claimed the National 100 Cruiser Champion.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 Questions Part 1

I had such a good time with these 10 questions. I believe I caught some of these drivers off guard just from the looks on their faces. I hope you enjoy these interviews as much I enjoyed them. Remember, these are only part one and there's more to come. Special thanks to Bridgett Whitener for her help and especially Augie Burtram, who was lifesaver. Enjoy!

Eric Gano Starts A New Tradition With His Apple Pie Moonshine At EAMS

Moonshine, Alabama, and stock car racing just naturally seem to go together. For sure, Eric Gano sees it that way and he has started a new tradition at East Alabama Motor Speedway during the State and National races. Check out the video below to learn more.
You can learn more about Eric Gano and his photography work at EAMS by clicking here to go to his EPA Photgraphy Facebook page.

Winners of the moonshine at the National 100 included Super Late Model - 24 Rick Eckert, Late Model Sportsman - 90 Bobby Thomas, Crate Late Model - 22 Jimmy Thomas, Super Street - 22 Danny Stroud, Hobby - 73 Jason Floyd, Bomber - 99.3 Billy Duell, Sr, Modified - 10 Jeff Culpepper, Cruiser - 18 Jordan McDonald, KMSA Mini Stock - 32 Dan Bennett. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

39th Annual National 100 (Friday Night)

For many years I have been hearing talk of the big races that East Alabama Motor Speedway holds each year. Well, I decided to check it out a few weeks ago when they ran the State Championship races. It was one of the biggest eye-openers I have ever had. It sorta reminded me of a dirt track version of Talladega. Yeah, the racing and the atmosphere was that good. How good? Let me tell you this, you usually can't get me away from a high school football field on a Friday night or not see me in Jacksonville during the Georgia-Florida weekend but here I am in good ole Phenix City this weekend enjoying what racing is all about. Hundreds of cars and thousands of fans are here. It is awesome. You can still make it and be a part of this too. Hop in your car and come join us. To give you an idea about what you will be seeing, here is some video from the Zaxby's Past Champions Race which was run last night. This is just bits and pieces, Leo will be putting the whole race up later.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thursday.... and So It Begins

   East Alabama Motor Speedway National 100. These six words send chills down my spine. I got all antsy for the State Race back in September but this race, there are no words to describe this race for me. We are talking four days of the best racing that there is. We have a range of guys from the ones who struggle to get to the track and then the guys who bring the BIG haulers and big names who travel to races each week. There's definitely a diverse group of guys and gals at this race. Everyone going for the big win and when they hit the track it no longer will matter who struggled or had the biggest hauler. The only thing that will matter is who did their homework, who put their heart into everything they had, and who is the most driven. No egos on the track, just hard-nosed racers with one thing in mind. To be crowned a National 100 Champion.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Brian Grantham Protest Video

   Saturday night at Waycross Motor Speedway a points championship came down to one last race and ended what was to be a celebratory night with a single protest. The 8 car of Brian Grantham was in the points lead coming down to the season ending race and having only a slight lead over the second place car of Derek Jacobs, Grantham was on a mission to be crowned the champion. During the feature race, Grantham, who started on the pole, took the lead and didn't look back. The second place driver, Brian Wooten, started on the outside pole and stayed behind Grantham the entire race. After the race was over and both drivers pulled under the tech shed, Wooten wanted see the top end of the motor of Grantham. With car owner Carl Moore backing up his driver, the money was handed to officials and the tear down process began. After looking into the intake it was deemed illegal by the officials and was tossed out. As Grantham found out he was being disqualified, he handled it like any driver should, upset but taking it on the chin. Both drivers and car owner went back to their pits and ended what was a truly exciting finish to a long, hard-fought season. Deep Dixie congratulates these drivers on their seasons.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Videos: Halloween Candy 100

Here are the feature race videos from the Halloween Candy 100 at Albany Motor Speedway, starting with the Hobby feature.

Late Model Feature

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Clips Of The Week NFS


Videos: Cochran Motor Speedway 10/19/13

2nd Annual James Ray Hall Memorial winner, Justin Sapp

All the videos from of the racing action at Cochran Motor Speedway on 10/19/13 will be posted here as they are completed, beginning with the Pure Stock feature.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Needmore Crowns Points Champions

 Sunday, October 13th, Needmore had a full field of cars with the intent to crown a season champion in each division. It was a night full of excitement and hard racing. Sheet metal collided, dirt flew, and champions were crowned. Points champions were as followed:

Late Model: Kelly Walker
Super Street: Chris Cunningham
Hobby: Leon Childs
Enduro: Nathan Sowell

Videos are posted below. To see the rest click on the READ MORE link.

Hobby driver intros

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Albany's Night of Champions

  This past Saturday night Albany had their points championship races and crowned new champions in each division. Points winners were:
Late model: Kelly Walker
Limited: Jeffrey Summerlin
Hobby: Milton Posey
Enduro: Chris Berry
Mini Stock: Tyler Summerlin

Videos for the features will be posted below. Please click READ MORE to see the rest of the videos.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Questions East Alabama

Special thanks to the drivers for being involved!

Order in which they appear:

V.J. McDonald
Will Herrington
Dustin Diem
Joseph Brown
Kyle Chappell

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thunderbowl Reunion

Submitted by: Roger Croft
Thunderbowl Speedway Annual Reunion- Saturday Nov. 9th
This year the reunion will be held at the Hahira Historical Building at 116 East Lawson St. Hahira, Ga. from 10am-3pm
Plenty of race cars, classic cars, photos and plenty of former drivers will be on hand for photos and autographs so bring your cameras. Be sure to visit the new Thunderbowl Speedway exhibit inside the Historical Society building, then check out the classic cars in the parking lot as the South Georgia Classic Car Club will bring their classic cars to the reunion as part of their monthly "Cruise-In". Be sure to visit with the former drivers who will be there, bring your cameras and get their autographs as you browse the parking lot packed with Vintage race cars.
   Lunch will be served at 12 noon and in keeping with tradition, it's a covered dish affair so bring your favorites for others to enjoy as well. The South Georgia chapter of GARHOFA will provide the meat for the meal, so don't bring any. We're Smokin' some chicken!
Be sure to get there early, bring your old photos to share and please visit the Thunderbowl Speedway room inside the museum.
This year we will have plenty of door prizes plus a big 50/50 drawing for cash!
The Hahira Historical Society building is just off Highway 122 in Hahira, Ga. If exiting off I-75, travel into downtown Hahira and as you intersect Highway 41, turn left and Lawson St. will be on your right. The historical building is about 2 blocks on the right. For more information contact Roger Croft at 229-242-8415 or 229-560-2220 or email at 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shane Clanton Wins The Race, But Madden Is Your 2013 Alabama State Champion

VIDEOS:  Supers, Hobby, Superstreet, and Sportsman (enjoy)

Super Late Models

Chris Dilbeck Wins 4 In A Row

Chris Dilbeck made it 4 in a row by capturing the outlaw late model race at the Watermelon Capital Speedway on Saturday night in Cordele.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Chris Madden Wins Night One Of The Alabama State Championship at EAMS

Southern All Stars winner Saturday night at EAMS (VIDEOS)

A special thanks to all the help with the video work this weekend

   Robbie Harden, Sherry Metts, Cameron Metts, Austin Baxley , Ray Cook, Chris Madden, Jake Knowles, Randy Weaver, Tater Holmes, Jimmy Thomas, Stacey Roberts, Russell Brown Jr, Richie Stephens, and Don Don Cook

And to the best coverage crew in the business: Carolyn Johnson, Dale Hall, Ryan Williams, Leo Johnson

SAS Late Models Sat.

Cruiser  (Great Race)


Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Taste Of What Leo Will Be Bringing To You Soon

These are some scenes from inside the track this past weekend at East Alabama Motor Speedway. Leo is working on the main videos and you can expect them soon. In the meantime, check this out.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Alabama State Championship Sept. 26-29 ( Hype Video)

On Pins and Needles


   It's finally Christmas time!!! Ok, I'm just kidding, but close enough. It's time for the State Championship Race at East Alabama Motor Speedway! Who doesn't look forward to this time of the year?! The biggest and best of race cars and drivers come from all over the country to try their hand at claiming a fat paycheck and a monster 6 foot tall trophy. Fans from everywhere will converge onto the town of Phenix City, Alabama with motorhomes, grills, and fourwheelers. Some of us will get hotels in town or nearby in Columbus but we all come with a sense of anticipation at what the weekend will bring for us. This will not be like just any Saturday night racing. This is a deeper, harder, blood, sweat and tears sort of thing. These drivers have been getting their cars ready for months in advance and fans have made plans for days off and hotel reservations well ahead of time. Well, most anyways. I am a slacker in the motel room reservation department as I write this.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Videos: Cochran Motor Speedway 9/14/13

These are the videos of the feature races at Cochran Motor Speedway on 9/14/13. The Super Street Feature is the first one up. Others will be added as they are completed.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chris Tucker's Car Is Demolished In 1st Lap Rollover

You know what's worse than flipping your car in the first lap of a heat race? Flipping your newly built car which has never been on the track before in the first lap of a heat race. That was Chris Tucker's luck Saturday night at Cochran Motor Speedway. Watch what happens and listen to his reaction afterwards. Dang the bad luck.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Trying to Change Lives Through Giving

   Many people know the young driver, Ronnie Newsome, but so few actually know his story. There are those of us who have been there to see his life unfold and to see where his life has been heading. My part in this story is extremely small and of little consequence but I have seen the life of a small toddler unfold into that of a young man. My view into his world began many, many years ago when Ronnie was just a tiny little boy. I began as a babysitter for him, his brother Travis and his little sister Victoria. From that moment they all became part of my life. Ronnie, a quick witted, extremely precocious child usually entertained me the whole night with his nonstop talk about racecars, Dale Earnhardt and anything else he could think of to talk about. I also saw a very sweet, protective spot he held for Victoria. He always made sure she was taken care of correctly which meant his way and that she was happy and safe.

Golden Isles Still Sets The Bar High In Dirt Track Excitement

   Saturday night, Golden Isles made up their rain out date and over 100 cars showed in attendance. Every race, they set the bar high for excitement, speed, and great racing. Fans drove from all over to watch all different divisions sling dirt and trade paint. No one left disappointed. The late models came to town and had names like Bo Allen, Brandon Dewitt, and Jason Fitzgerald come along with it. Bo Allen was a dominate force and after every restart took off from the field. A couple of cautions, one of which had Rhett Carter break something on his super fast car and hit hard in turn 2 then spin completely before getting hit by another oncoming car. The wreck caught up several contenders but still Allen had control of the field with Brandon Dewitt on his heels. During a post race inspection Bo Allen's carburetor was found illegal by the track and he was disqualified and Brandon Dewitt was declared the winner. All videos will be posted below just click the read more link and it will take you to them.


Is NASCAR Equivalent To The WWE?

 Over the last couple of days, I have heard that NASCAR is nothing more than a racing version of the WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment). Also, I have heard it being compared to Roller Derby. This morning, I was talking to one of my friends who is involved in other sports to a great degree but not so much in NASCAR. When he heard what went on Saturday night in Richmond, he was incredulous. He couldn't believe that NASCAR may not suspend the people involved from the sport's championship. In fact, he was saying they ought to be suspended indefinitely. I was somewhat speechless because I have no defense for NASCAR and the sport I love. And you know what, a whole lot of other people are of the same mindset as my friend. Unless something is done to set an example, I am afraid NASCAR will never have any credibility in the sporting world. It will simply be regarded as entertainment much like the WWE and Roller Derby.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Clip Of The Week (GIS)

Something broke on the Rhett Carter car sending him hard into the wall last night at Golden Isles Speedway. Rhett is ok

Late Model rollover in the heat race below

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pastor Todd Shearin Interviews Wil Herrington

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to film Pastor Todd Shearin interviewing 17-year-old Wil Herrington. Wil had recently been baptized by Brother Todd and he was willing to share a little bit about that experience. Wil is a very popular young driver who has won several late model races already this year. In fact, he went out and won the race after the interview Sunday evening. I believe that Wil Herrington will win lots more and there is no telling how much impact his being willing to share his faith have on others. That's a good thing. Praise God!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Merwin/Childs Battle Cuts Points Chase Close (Hobby Video)

   This past weekend at Needmore the most exciting race of the night that had the fans on the toes and fired up was definitely the Hobby race. Leon Childs and Randy Merwin have been battling it out all season and with an extremely close chase for the points lead it was going to be up for grabs for either one. During the race, contact was made between both drivers. Merwin started out ahead of Childs but Childs drove to the front and the two began to battle it out. Both cars drove extremely hard, which at one point Leon drove so hard he skimmed the wall on the back stretch and caused sparks to fly. After he hits the wall he and Merwin tangle up and bring out the caution. Merwin drove the orange Troupeville car back on the track determined to finish his night and get a points lead. Merwin always finishes strong in the Hobby division and wasn't going to let the night so far deter him.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lloyd Holds off Simons At AMS

Thanks to Woody Hazel for the help.

All videos will be put up when done downloading



Videos: April Johnson Memorial at Cochran Motor Speedway

Fans who attended the April Johnson Memorial Race at Cochran Motor Speedway this Labor Day weekend sure got their money's worth. A lot of exciting races were seen as six features were run. First up this week for your viewing is the Pure Stock feature which Will Thompson won.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Canady Debuts New Scorpion Race Car In Superstreet With Win

                       Michael Canady  Superstreet
All races will be put up when they are downloaded

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Carter Claims the Swamp

   Rhett Carter brought his number 19 Wildcat Race Engines late model into Waycross Motor Speedway Friday night and claimed the top spot at the swamp. Jason Fitzgerald came in second with his GRT by Fitzgerald late model and was definitely a strong contender but couldn't quite get to the 19 of Rhett Carter. It proved to be an extremely exciting night at Waycross with more action than fans were expecting. Everyone is already ready for the next race at Waycross and if Rhett shows up like he did this past weekend he will definitely look to be the top dog. All videos will be posted below, just click the READ MORE link.