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Big T's

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Deep Dixie Racing Report 8/13/15

Madeline Crane

Morgan Williams

Pam Herrington

Morgan Fordham

Erica Williams

Monday, August 10, 2015

Videos: East Alabama Motor Speedway 8/8/15

The Nesmith Late Models were at East Alabama Motor Speedway along with the local classes this past Saturday night. Videos from all the feature races will be listed in this post as they are completed. Lamar McClellan, as usual, gave a stellar recap of the night's events and you can click here to read it on his Facebook page.

Limited Late Model Feature

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Something Wonderful This Way Comes

    I rarely watch television but if I ever get to sit down long enough I will always watch some show on HGTV about taking an older house and completely redoing it to make it new again. I like the idea of repurposing things. Taking something that was old and watching the faces of the homeowners as they see it become new again is always the best parts. I love the joy that it brings to them. In the racing community there are tracks that sit and become unused for vast amounts of time and slowly deteriorate like the older houses we see on those television shows. In Ellisville, Florida sits such a track. A race track that was opened in 1974 and was originally a dirt track until the 90's when it was paved over to make it into asphalt.
   Many years have come and gone at this race track and it has seen many different surfaces. Fans have stayed loyal to the track either way but it slowly was in decline in the last few years and was needing an HGTV makeover. Enter the new track owners along with new track manager Wendall Durrence and you have a makeover in the makings that would make a television show jealous. They saw a need at this track and decided it was time for a little TLC. The biggest change they've made was changing the surface from asphalt to dirt. This half mile race track is one of the largest I go to in my travels throughout the Southeast and the anticipation I feel to get to watch cars finally get on this new track is easily palpable. An overwhelming 435 loads of some of the best clay were hauled in to the track and laid out.
   I got to see first hand the monumental task of changing a track from asphalt to dirt and it is an enormous, time consuming task. Not only are they changing the surface but they are bit by bit upgrading everything else. From the concessions to the bathrooms, to grandstands, to the outside parking area of the track, everything is being upgraded for the fans and drivers' comfort and enjoyment alike. To see the time and money that is being put into this race track makes me even more grateful for the new owners and manager. It has taken a lot and WILL take even more money and time to get the track to where they want it but I give them kudos for every single bit of what they've done and are going to do.
   Today, August 8th, starts a brand new era at All-Tech Raceway with the first race of the season. Many drivers from different states will be coming out to compete on the new surface. To see the faces of the drivers and the fans light up tonight at seeing the makeover of the track is a moment I do not wish to miss. The turn out is expected to be huge and the food in the stands will be hot and the actions on the track, well, it's going to be fantastic. After checking out the track before I plan to see three and four wide racing and bumper to bumper cars waiting to get on the track. For our sports to continue it takes us as fans and drivers to support what we love and that means you should come out tonight to the all new All-Tech Raceway and give the new track and your favorite driver your support, but most importantly, let's give our sport the support it needs. For further details go to their website at and I hope we see you tonight!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015