Big T's

Big T's

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Recap of the racing action at EAMS Saturday, 4/29/2017

Submitted by Lamar McClellan
Photo credits: Eric Gano, EPA Photography

Dalton Cook

EAMS Late Model (25 Laps):
1 - #1D Dalton D Cook - qualified on the pole and led every lap in dominating fashion to pick up his first ever win anywhere - CONGRATULATIONS!!
2 - #27 Larry Harrod - great run in his first appearance this season in a points race at EAMS - had to defend his position from constant challenges from #110 Rick Culpepper.
3 - #110 Rick Culpepper - worked all 25 laps to try to get 2nd from Harrod, running alongside him off the corner on several occasions. Moves up to 2nd in points
4 - #K9 Dana Eiland (Mike Harris) - an off night for the "Master of Going Faster".
5 - #54 Tim Dixon - is running more competitively than ever, challenging Eiland all race long.

Winger Wins Fifth Straight Crate Late Model Main At Senoia

Ashton Winger

Submitted by Ted Austed
Photo credits: Francis Hauke

(Senoia, GA – April 30, 2017)   Sixteen-year-old Ashton Winger has not lost a Crate Late Model feature that he has started at Senoia Raceway this season.  The young gun scratched from the field on March 18th, but since that time has been undefeated winning five straight.  He has also qualified the fastest each of those five nights.
Joe Hillman
Other winners on Saturday night included Tennessee’s Michael Courtney topping the field of Kajun Mini Stock Association drivers and Clint ‘Cat Daddy’ Smith reaching the winner’s circle for the first time this year in the Super Late Models.  Locust Grove’s Jason Williams won the Limited Late Model feature while Villa Rica’s Joe Hillman was victorious in the Hobby Stock, Conyer’s Tim Harmon in the Bombers and Hampton’s Richard Goode in the Late Model Sportsman.  The evening’s final race went to newcomer Jeffrey Woodall in the Hot Shots main event.
Tim Harmon

Track promoter Mayes Massey challenged Winger on the front stretch after he qualified the quickest of seventeen crate late model entries.  “Ashton, if you start at the back of the pack, charge through the field and win the race, we will pay you an additional $700 on top of the $700 winner’s share of tonight’s purse,” offered Massey.  A great offer, but Winger declined.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wall to Wall Action at Golden Isles Speedway, With over 100 cars

The aftermath of the Limited finsh at GIS


1.   Garrett Lloyd
   2.   Lonnie Roberts
3.   Mike Carter  

Skeeter Cars

1.   Lonnie Roberts
2.   Walt Bazemore
3.   Cooley Hobdy 

$3,000 to win E-Mod

1.   Michael Lloyd
2.   Brandon Wells
3.   Chad Tuten     

Sunday, April 23, 2017

East Alabama Motor Speedway Results 4/22/2017

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

Congratulations to tonight's top finishers in each class at East Alabama Motor Speedway:

EAMS Late Model:
1 - #110 Rick Culpepper - 2nd straight win
2 - #1D Dalton D Cook - after going to the rear at the start
3 - #K9 Dana Eiland (Mike Harris) - after having to go back to his shop to pull out a backup car and start in the rear with his 604 car
4 - #5 Thomas Lewis - 5th top 5 in 6 races
5 - #5B Brand Lewis - 3rd top 5 this season

602 Late Model Sportsman:
1 - #8G Bubba Gorman - picks up his 2nd win of the season
2 - #50 Steven Gaines - best run of the season - lead a few laps
3 - #29 Derrick Pearce - in his 1st race in this class this year
4 - #14 Dustin Ducker - top finish this season
5 - #6 Dalton Hood - in his 1st race at EAMS this year

Monday, April 17, 2017

$3000 To Win Emod This Weekend At Golden Isles Speedway

This coming Saturday April 22nd, Golden Isles Speedway will run Emods $3000 to win and Limited $2000 alongside the Vintage Skeeters, Enduro, Super Street, Street Stock, 440s, and Powder Puff. Limited entry fee is $60 and Emod entry is $40. This is their biggest Emod payout. 

If you have not raced with GIS in 2017, you will need to fill out a registration for and W9 form, even if you filled one out in 2016. The will have some at the registration booth or you may visit to print and fill out before the event.
Please call them at 912-386-0061 for any questions.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Official Results & Victory Lane Photos for Saturday, April 15, 2017

Photo credits: Francis Hauke

Austin Horton

Super Late Models (Feature): 
1-Austin Horton, Whitesburg
2-Glenn Morris, Fayetteville
3-Ricky Williams, Fayetteville
4-Mason Massey, Douglasville
5-Zach Leonhardi, Cartersville
6-Shane Fulcher, Thomaston
7-Tod Darda, LaGrange
8-Kenny Collins, Colbert
9-Lamar Haygood, Douglasville
10-Jim Manka, Savannah
11-Dale Thurman, Cartersville
12-Laddie Fulcher, Thomaston
13-Dustin Elliott, Pine Mountain
14-Clint Smith, Senoia
15-Kyler Haygood, Douglasville
Fast Qualifier: Horton (15.367 seconds – 87.9 mph)

Matt Dooley

Limited Late Models (Feature): 
1-Matt Dooley, Brooks
2-Joey Armistead, Senoia
3-Bailey Williams, Fayetteville
4-Corey Payton, Newnan
5-Clifton Moran, Carrollton
6-Dalton Polston, Lithia Springs
7-Thomas Mewborn, Greenville
8-Jimmy Price, Oxford, AL
9-Jason Williams, Locust Grove
10-Clint Thompson, Newnan
11-Brant Hardin, McDonough
12-Kenneth Pendley, Acworth
13-Bob Watson, Newnan
Fast Qualifier: Armistead (15.591 – 86.6 mph)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Recap of racing action from EAMS Saturday, 4/8/2017

Submitted by: Lamar McClellan
Photo credits:Eric Gano, EPA Photography

Russ Ogletree

EAMS Late Model - 25 Laps:
Though the track was very slick, these drivers ran the race with only 2 cautions, searching top to bottom for some traction.
#02 Tyler Turvin started on the pole, but never led a lap - finished 6th.
#115 Dustin Elliott started 5th, but came to the lead on lap 2 with a tremendous start, but eventually fell to 9th.
#K9 Dana Eiland qualified 4th, but encountered problems on the pace lap and didn't start the race, though he did join it laps down.
1st  - #88 Russ Ogletree - started outside pole and took the lead on lap 1, fell to 2nd on lap 2, regained the lead on lap 4 and never looked back.  Picks up his 1st win in his 1st visit to EAMS this season.
2nd - #92 Joseph Brown - started 8th and used the most unusual line I've ever seen to come to the front.  Not only was he running the bottom in the turns, but also on the straightaways - very, very unusal, but it worked.  Was up to 5th by lap 3, 4th on lap 6, 3rd on lap 10, and 2nd on lap 13, but he never got a caution to allow him to move up on Ogletree to give him a real test.
3rd - #5 Thomas Lewis - started 9th, moved into the top 5 by lap 11, 4th on lap 13, and 3rd on lap 15 - nice, steady run to the front.
4th - #110 Rick Culpepper - started 3rd, fell back to 6th in the early going, but found his groove and steadily moved back up, but ran out of laps.
5th - #5B Brand Lewis - started 12th, moved immediately into the top 10, then closed little by little on the top 5, taking 5th on the last lap.

Brian Hansford

602 Late Model Sportsman - 15 Laps:
After three failed starts, the race director called for a single file start.  There were still 4 cautions as these cars were having trouble hooking up to the slick racing surface.
1st - #R66 Brian Hansford - in only his 2nd start in a Late Model, Hansford started 7th and was 2nd on lap 1 after several cars in front of him had been involved in accidents on the failed starts and had gone to the pits for repairs and to replace flat tires.  He took the lead on lap 2 and lead the rest of the way.
2nd - #111 Jackson Thomason - started 4th, had to go to the pits before a lap was completed, was 4th after 1 lap, 3rd after 7 laps, and 2nd after lap 2 - a great run considering early problems.
3rd - #8G Bubba Gorman - from the outside pole took the lead on lap 1, dropped to 2nd on lap 2, and then 3rd on lap 12.  A nice finish for points.
4th - #50JR Steven Gaines - started 5th, had to go to the rear after an incident on one of the starts, moved back into the top 5 on lap 5, and then took 4th on the last lap.
5th - #S21 Shane Stodghill - started 10th, was 3rd after 1 lap, then slowly dropped back near the end.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Videos: 441 Speedway 3/31/2017

Rollover at 441 Speedway

Crate Late Model Feature

Bomber Feature

Sportsman Feature

Pure Stock Feature

Super Street Feature