Big T's

Big T's

Monday, April 10, 2017

Recap of racing action from EAMS Saturday, 4/8/2017

Submitted by: Lamar McClellan
Photo credits:Eric Gano, EPA Photography

Russ Ogletree

EAMS Late Model - 25 Laps:
Though the track was very slick, these drivers ran the race with only 2 cautions, searching top to bottom for some traction.
#02 Tyler Turvin started on the pole, but never led a lap - finished 6th.
#115 Dustin Elliott started 5th, but came to the lead on lap 2 with a tremendous start, but eventually fell to 9th.
#K9 Dana Eiland qualified 4th, but encountered problems on the pace lap and didn't start the race, though he did join it laps down.
1st  - #88 Russ Ogletree - started outside pole and took the lead on lap 1, fell to 2nd on lap 2, regained the lead on lap 4 and never looked back.  Picks up his 1st win in his 1st visit to EAMS this season.
2nd - #92 Joseph Brown - started 8th and used the most unusual line I've ever seen to come to the front.  Not only was he running the bottom in the turns, but also on the straightaways - very, very unusal, but it worked.  Was up to 5th by lap 3, 4th on lap 6, 3rd on lap 10, and 2nd on lap 13, but he never got a caution to allow him to move up on Ogletree to give him a real test.
3rd - #5 Thomas Lewis - started 9th, moved into the top 5 by lap 11, 4th on lap 13, and 3rd on lap 15 - nice, steady run to the front.
4th - #110 Rick Culpepper - started 3rd, fell back to 6th in the early going, but found his groove and steadily moved back up, but ran out of laps.
5th - #5B Brand Lewis - started 12th, moved immediately into the top 10, then closed little by little on the top 5, taking 5th on the last lap.

Brian Hansford

602 Late Model Sportsman - 15 Laps:
After three failed starts, the race director called for a single file start.  There were still 4 cautions as these cars were having trouble hooking up to the slick racing surface.
1st - #R66 Brian Hansford - in only his 2nd start in a Late Model, Hansford started 7th and was 2nd on lap 1 after several cars in front of him had been involved in accidents on the failed starts and had gone to the pits for repairs and to replace flat tires.  He took the lead on lap 2 and lead the rest of the way.
2nd - #111 Jackson Thomason - started 4th, had to go to the pits before a lap was completed, was 4th after 1 lap, 3rd after 7 laps, and 2nd after lap 2 - a great run considering early problems.
3rd - #8G Bubba Gorman - from the outside pole took the lead on lap 1, dropped to 2nd on lap 2, and then 3rd on lap 12.  A nice finish for points.
4th - #50JR Steven Gaines - started 5th, had to go to the rear after an incident on one of the starts, moved back into the top 5 on lap 5, and then took 4th on the last lap.
5th - #S21 Shane Stodghill - started 10th, was 3rd after 1 lap, then slowly dropped back near the end.

Chance Renfroe

Hobby - 15 Laps:
1st - #99 Chance Renfroe - from the outside pole took the lead off turn 2 on lap 1 and never looked back - great run!
2nd - #6 Marty Beckwith - from 4th took 3rd on lap 1, where he ran all race until moving up to 2nd on the last lap.
3rd - #98 Travis Timms - started on pole, but never lead a lap - great recovery after exploding an engine last race.
4th - #81 Jamie Land - started 3rd, dropped to 4th on lap 1 and finished there.  A good run for his first race this year after taking last year off.
5th - #31 Richie Grantham - started 6th and ran 5th all 15 laps.

Tyler Turvin

NESMITH Street Stock - 15 Laps:
1st - #02 Tyler Turvin started on the pole and lead every lap, though he was often challenged by #24J Jason Price.
2nd - #24J Jason Price - started 3rd, muscled his way past #25 Herbie Donath on lap 2, and then kept the pressure on Turvin throughout the race.
3rd - #24 Allen McConnell - started 4th, spun on lap 1 and went to the rear, steadily moving back up through the pack and taking 3rd on the last lap.
4th - #29 Derrick Pearce - started 6th, ran as high as 3rd, but dropped one spot on the last lap
5th - #X2 Dustin Hughes - started 8th and moved to 5th on lap 5, got up to 4th but then was charged with a caution on lap 7.  From 8th he then moved back to 5th on lap 13.

Dustin Diem

Road Warrior - 15 Laps:
1st - #D9 Dustin Diem - from the outside pole Diem took the lead on lap 1 and then fought off multiple challenges from #29 Chris Barfield to take his 2nd win in a row.
2nd - #17 Brian Robinson - starting 4th he moved to 3rd early and then worked on Barfield as his car started to lose pace - his 2nd P2 finish this season.
3rd - #29 Chris Barfield - started on the pole, ran 2nd through lap 13 as his engine started to fail, blowing up as he crossed the finish.
4th - #19 Mike Lash - started 7th and moved steadily up in his 1st run at EAMS this season.
5th - #1 BJ Davis - started 3rd but fell to the back of the pack on lap 3, and then survived to get the good finish.

Jason Newsome

Hot Shots - 10 Laps:
1st - #24 Jason Newsome - lead every lap from the pole, but had to hold off several challenges from #1 Bryan Britton who dropped out after 7 laps.
2nd - #2 Patrick Harrelson - started 6th but ran an excellent race to move up to 2nd on lap 8.
3rd - #41 Joseph Collins - in his first race started 8th, was in and out of the top 5 in the early laps, moving to 3rd on lap 9.
4th - #05 Fred Woodrum - also in his 1st start, started 9th, moved up to 5th on lap 8 and 4th on lap 9.
5th - #87 Anthony Worley - another 1st timer, started 7th and moved into the top 5 on the final lap.

Next race at EAMS is next Saturday, 4/15/17 - I hope to see you there !!