Big T's

Big T's

Monday, September 1, 2014

Squirrel!!! - Poor Squirrel

 This is a link to NASCAR's video of the squirrel.

By now, most people have seen the video of the cat/squirrel which ran in front of Kevin Harvick Sunday night at Atlanta Motor Speedway. He thought it was a cat at first but on closer inspection, it was obviously a squirrel. The squirrel ran across the track in Turn 3 but soon afterward, he made his way around to Turn 4 where he ultimately met his demise. That's right, there is no happy ending for this story. The squirrel died. In fact, quite a few people in turn 4 saw this event play out. Meanwhile, a lot of media outlets and Twitter sources were leading people astray when they posted that the squirrel survived. So, just to let people know that life is sometimes very tough, and for full disclosure, here are a couple of photos of the dead squirrel. May he rest in peace.

Shortly after these photos were taken, one of the official trucks arrived at the scene and a worker got out, scooped up the dead squirrel, and deposited him on the other side of wall where the closest red truck is parked. Next, one of the workers in the red truck got out and recovered the dead squirrel. Much speculation was going on by fans in Turn 4 that some of our fellow fans in the infield would be dining on fresh squirrel real soon. One good ole boy was heard to say, "Dat's a squirrel, dems good eatin'." That was shortly before you saw the smoke start wafting over Turn 3.