Big T's

Big T's

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Don't Miss The Party At Golden Isles Speedway Tonight!

Remember the old Roy Clark story where he never missed a party? Well, it went something like this. He once said that he always went to every party he heard about just because he was afraid if he ever missed one, someone would come up to him the next morning and say "Man, you should have been there last night." I can relate. I don't want to miss something awesome either. If last night is any indication, you don't want to miss what is going to happen at Golden Isles Speedway tonight.

The racing was absolutely spectacular last night. We had some crazy wrecks and some very exciting down to the wire finishes. What more could the common everyday rabid fan expect? Just take a look at the videos being posted below to see what I mean. And it is bound to get better tonight when the excitement and pressure gets ratcheted up as all those hobby drivers fight for that $10,000 to win purse. Also, those Nesmith late models are going to be getting after it again for another 50 lapper. Man, the likes of this stuff has never happened in these parts before. It don't get no better than this! This is going to be a race for the ages and any true race fans will always want to be able to tell their kids and grandkids I was there that night when all went down.This is one party you will want to bring the whole family to. Load everyone up like you are the Beverly Hillbillies going to California and be there!

The following info is straight off of the Golden Isles Speedway website:

Saturday October 18th 
Gates open at 10:00 a.m.
Tech Starts for All Star Stock Car Series at 1:00 p.m.
Classes Running
Crate Late Models
Qualifying – Heats – Features
All Star Stock Car Series
Last Chance – Features
Heats – Features
Heats – Features
“A” and “B” Feature for All Star Stock Car Series if needed
Camper Spots ~ ATV Passes ~ Pit Passes ~ Grand Stand Passes ~ Race Car Slab Parking ~ Track Side Parking on sale now while they last. Call (912) 778-3767 or 912-242-8000.