Big T's

Big T's

Monday, July 13, 2015

Golden Isles Speedway 7/11/15

The Southern Thunder Late Model Series and the All Stock Car Series both had big shows at Golden Isles Speedway this past Saturday night and Deep Dixie Racing was able to capture that action as well as some driver interviews. All of those videos will be added to this post as they are completed.

All Star Stock Car Series Feature

Southern Thunder Late Model Feature

Mark Whitener Post-Race Interview

Jason Fitzgerald Post-Race Interview

Cecil Eunice Post-Race Interview

Cecil Eunice Post-Race Interview(All Star)

Cole Exum Post-Race Interview

Michael Davis Post-Race Interview

Cecile Eunice Pre-Race Interview

Ivadent Lloyd Pre-Race Interview

Mark Whitener Pre-Race Interview

Jason Fitzgerald Pre-Race Interview

Bud Chancy Pre-Race Interview

Cole Exum Pre-Race Interview

Kyle Livingood Pre-Race Interview

Travis Barnes Pre-Race Interview

Chuck Pre-Race Interview