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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Williams is ‘Lightning’ in NFS Box Stock win Garver, Hoffman, Olson also hit victory lane

Jason Garver


LAKE CITY, Fla. (Nov. 12) –  The old adage, of course, is children should be seen and not heard.

Society has distanced itself from that, especially in the racing world and to good results. Mack Williams is a prime example and also may be the feel good story of the season at North Florida Speedway.

The 10-year old Hilliard, Fla. driver sped his Lightning McQueen look alike Box Stock to the 12-lap feature win Saturday evening during his first NFS visit of 2016. He has been competing at another local track.

“I was just trying to stay straight and weave in and out to pass the others,” Williams said in Sunoco Fuels Victory Lane. “They were all just trying to avoid the potholes and I just drove (over) them and I won.”

He was
greeted first in victory lane by his dad, Thunder Stock driver Chris Williams and then a mass of family and fans joined. One supporter said Williams exclaimed that afternoon he was going to win when he found out some other relatives were coming to watch that were not expected.

Amy Creamer shook off an early spin and passed Larry Joslyn late to take second. Chase Berry and Jeffrey Creamer came next.

Andy Olson had a point lead to protect in the competitive Thunder Stock class. Protection was accomplished the best way – with a win.

Olson led the 15-lap finale flag to flag to become only the second repeat winner of the season.

“Track was really good with some great competition behind me,” Olson said. “We never thought this season would be like this.”

Nevin Gainey, Bubba Clark and Timmy Roach had the ultra battle going on the first 12 circuits. Roach pulled pit side as Shane Taylor moved to fourth at the end. Bryar Zimmerman rounded out the top five.

Action in this race was nearly extreme as three wide was accomplished several times and almost four abreast at a couple stages.

Robby Hoffman took off from eighth in the Florida Outlaw Micro Sprint Series 20-lap feature. The Lithia, Fla. ace proved the top groove was fast and so was his Todd’s Tomatoes entry. He sailed quickly to the front and dominated the remainder of the event.

Kenny Brewer could not take advantage of restarts and the disadvantage behind Hoffman grew each time the green flag flew. But Brewer held off a charging David Hall, a great drive by Paige Moss and Mike Brewer at Floyd Martin’s checkers.

Jason Garver closed in on the NFS EMod point lead by pacing all 15 laps of that main. The Starke, Fla. pilot snuck to the low side from his P3 start and showed no mercy.

Georgia driver Dillon Turner re-passed Dale Graham late to take the runner up slot. Dylan Browning, up from the kart ranks in his first EMod race, was fourth ahead of David Markham.

The Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association also was on hand and showed the memories of yesteryear with six vintage stock cars.

They showcased in exhibition style with the 1967 vintage Modified of Midwest transplant Darren Nichols first to the checkered flag after 12 laps.

NFS completes its season with the annual Turkey Trot in Memory of Harvey Jones Nov. 25-26.

Friday Nov. 25 will be full shows for Florida Outlaw Micro Sprints with $1,000 to win, Box Stocks, C Class/Limited Late Models, Hobby Stocks and EMods. Thunder Stocks will compete in heat races.

Saturday Nov. 26 the Thunders hit the 3/8-mile clay oval for their $1,500-to-win feature, plus complete shows for the Florida Outlaw Micro Sprints with $1,500 to win; Florida Outlaw EMods for $1,000 to win, Late Models $3,000 to win, Box Stocks $200 to win and Open Wheel Modifieds.

For more information, call 386-754-8800 or log on to

Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening Nov. 12 at North Florida Speedway in Lake City, Fla.

Thunder Stocks

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 13 Andy Olson 2. 83 Nevin Gainey 3. 1C Bubba Clark 4. 82 Shane Taylor 5. 00Z Bryar Zimmerman 6. 32 Raymond Vann 7. 14 Rance Damron 8. 58 Justin Wilson 9. G0 Dale Graham 10. 30 Kris Salyards 11. 16 Eddie Gainey 12. 12X Mark Davis 13. 44 Timmy Roach 14. B27 Ethan Butts 15. 17 James Edwards 16. 22K Nelda King 17. 1X Chris Williams 18. 98C Doran Cheney 19. 19B Brad Nixon (Did Not Start – 26 Cliff Bellomy, 71X Jim Weaver).

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Clark 2. Graham 3. Nixon 4. Salyards

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Butts 2. N. Gainey 3. Cheney 4. Taylor

3rd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Roach 2. Olson 3. Zimmerman 4. E. Gainey

Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association

Feature (12 laps) – 1. 6X Darren Nichols 2. 82 Frank Blanchard 3. 96 Gordy Wood 4. A-1 Shirly Marden 5. 63 Dave Davis (Did Not Start – 61K Richie Iversen).

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Blanchard 2. Nichols 3. Wood 4. Marden

Florida Outlaw Micro Sprints

Feature (20 laps) – 1. 66 Robbie Hoffman 2. 45 Kenny Brewer 3. 67 David Hall 4. 04 Paige Moss 5. 38 Mike Brewer 6. 68 Dirk Miller 7. 30
John Crowder 8. 2 Lacey Kahl 9. 77 Robbie Smith 10. 8 Eddie Moss 11. 14K Kat Kudla 12. 13 John Kahl 13. 07 Zach Gorski

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Miller 2. Smith 3. Hall 4. Kudla

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Hoffman 2. K. Brewer 3. Gorski 4. M. Brewer


Feature (15 laps) – 1. 27 Jason Garver 2. 10 Dillon Turner 3. 14 Dale Graham 4. 6 Dylan Browning 5. 50 David Markham 6. 14S Brian Scott 7. 3D Makayla Tyrrell 8. 1 William Hacker 9. 55 Donnie Gray, Jr. 10. 82 Shane Taylor 11. 5 Dylan Crews 12. N8 Nathan Huffingham

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Garver 2. Taylor 3. Turner 4. Scott

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Graham 2. Markham 3. Crews 4. Browning

Box Stocks

Feature (12 laps) – 1. 95 Mack Williams 2. 35 Amy Creamer 3. 97 Larry Joslyn 4. 46 Chase Berry 5. 07 Jeffrey Creamer 6. 65 John Windham

1st Heat (4 laps) – 1. Wyndham 2. A. Creamer 3. J. Creamer 4. Joslyn