Big T's

Big T's

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Videos & Recap of racing from EAMS Saturday, 7/15/2017 - The Jimmy Thomas Tribute Race

Submitted by Lamar McClellan

Road Warrior - 15 Laps:
1 - #97 Derrick Pearce - started the night in one car which broke in hot laps, then jumped into his teammates car and dominated the race from the pole.
2 - #D9 "Granddaddy" Diem - won out in a 4 way battle for 2nd that lasted most of the race.
3 - #29 Chris Barfield - involved in a great battle up front - settled for P3.
4 - #16 Robert Price - also involved in that same battle.
5 - #17 Brian Robinson - ran P3 most of the race until slipping high off turn 2 and dropping back to P5.

Hot Shots - 15 Laps:
1 - #1 Lee Tint Man Hutchinson - started outside pole and battled to lead every lap under intense pressure every lap.
2 - #5 Jonathan MrNascar Merritt - started 16th and steadily moved through the pack taking 2nd on the last lap.
3 - #51 Robert Hutchinson - started 5th, ran as high as 2nd before dropping to 3rd on the last lap.
4 - #5 Billy Tidwell - from pole battled at the front of the pack all race until dropping 2 spots over the last 3 laps.
5 - #22 Taylor McElhannon - started 10th and moved into the top 5 just past half way.

Southern Thunder Late Model Series - 40 Laps:
Team Larry Harrod did a perfect job in Time Trials by sitting both cars on the front row.
1 - #27T Terrance Nowell - started 2nd, ran P2 and P3 for most of the race and then started working #92 Joseph Brown and little by little crept up on him until he was able to do the perfect slide job entering turn 3 with about 5 laps to go and then pulled away for the victory.
2 - #92 Joseph Brown - started 3rd, took the lead entering turn 1 on lap 1 and lead 35 laps before succumbing to a slide job by Nowell.
3 - #27 Larry Harrod - started 1st, ran P2 and P3 all race long.
4 - #27G Garrett Lloyd - started 5th, fell back to P6 mid race and then rallied back to 4th at the finish.
5 - #110 Rick Culpepper - started 4th, fell back to P6 on lap 21, but moved back to 5th on lap 22.

Hobby - 15 Laps:
1 - #294 John Michael - started on pole and withstood an early challenge to lead them all.
2 - #99 Randy Renfroe - struggled to get past #29 Will Gordon and then was not able to close the distance on JM, though he was gaining at the end.
3 - #29 Will Gordon - ran P2 early and then settled into 3rd.
4 - #2 John Holcomb - started the night at Senoia and came to EAMS when Senoia got rained out.
5 - #98 Travis Timms - good, solid run.

NeSmith Street Stock - 15 Laps:
1 - #51 Bradley Frakes - started 2nd and won in his first visit to EAMS this season, surviving a spin on the initial start.
2 - #25 Herbie Donath - survived a knock down drag out battle for 2nd - great racing!
3 - #71 Grady Holmes - started pole and found himself in a great battle for all of the top 5 positions.
4 - #24J Jason Price - started 6th and eked out a 4th place finish in a photo finish.
5 - #24 Allen McConnell - started 8th and worked his way up to 5th, almost 4th in a photo finish.

UCRA 602 Sportsman Mini-Series - 25 Laps:
1 - #00 Richie Stephens - started 3rd, took the led on lap 1 and lead them all for his 3rd straight UCRA win at EAMS.
2 - #66 Brian Hansford - started the night at Senoia, came to EAMS when Senoia was rained out, sat on the pole and ran P2 all race.
3 - #01 Blant Duke - started 6th, was involved in a collision on one of the initial starts, survived, quickly moved up to P3, dropped back to 5th after running high off turn 2, then rallied back to 3rd.
4 - #22 Keith McGuire - started 5th, ran as high as P3 early, then dropped back to P4 on lap 19.
5 - #17 Jason Price - started outside pole, was crowded off track on one of the starts and collected Duke, but both were able to continue with Price running top 5 all race long.

Next race at EAMS is next Saturday, 7/22/2017.