Big T's

Big T's

Sunday, March 12, 2017

East Alabama Motor Speedway 3/11/2017

Submitted by: Lamar McClellan
Photo credits: Eric Gano, EPA Photography

Dana Eiland

EAMS Late Model:
1 - #K9 Dana Eiland (Mike Harris) - started outside pole, took the lead in 1&2 on the first lap and then used all of his years of experience to hold off the constant challenges from #55 Montana Dudley.
2 - #55 Montana Dudley - top qualifier but was unable to clear #K9 Dana Eiland through 1&2 on the first lap and found himself challenging Dana on just about every turn of every lap. This battle for the lead reminded me of the irresistible force (Dudley) meeting the immovable object (Eiland). Even though Montana was alongside Dana several times, Dana never flinched. What a masterful job of driving by both of these EAMS veterans!!
3 - #5 Thomas Lewis - started 3rd, finished 3rd in a solid run
4 - #14 Patrick Wall - started 6th and moved smartly up to a top 5 finish - his new colors look great on the track!
5 - #11 Dylan Holmes - started 4th, got pinched into the outside wall early, but persevered for an excellent top 5 finish.

Josh Cox

602 LM Sportsman:
1 - #19 Josh Cox - started on the pole and lead them all in dominating fashion - on cruise control....
2 - #S21 Shane Stodghill - started 5th and turned in his best performance in recent history.
3 - #8G Bubba Gorman - started 2nd, finished 3rd. His new colors are really looking good!
4 - #50JR Steven Gaines - showed up late, didn't run his heat, started last in the feature, but still managed a top 5 finish - good job!
5 - #24 Justin Thornton - started 7th and won his battle with #14 Dustin Ducker for a top 5 finish

Chuck Coggins

1 - #R68 Chuck Coggins - came from a 4th place start to storm his way into the lead coming off turn 2 on lap 1 !! In his first race back since having a rather large tool box fall on him late last season, Chuck showed everybody that he's going to be a strong contender at the front of the pack this season.
2 - #294 John Michael Schmear - started 3rd, ran 2nd with lots of ups and downs throughout this race - good finish in a car that looked to be a real handful at times.
3 - #31 Richie Grantham - started 2nd, ran 3rd on a track that was to his liking - a bit "soupy"....
4 - #6 Marty Beckwith - didn't run his heat, but appeared to have a car to contend with early on, actually leading for a few feet after a kamikaze dive in turn 1 early in the race. Faded after that.
5 - #57 Johnathan Morris - won his heat, started on the pole, but lost the lead on lap 1 and it was downhill the rest of the way for him.

Herbie Donath

Nesmith Street Stock:
1 - #25 Herbie Donath - started outside pole, took the lead early, and pulled away to a dominating victory - was on a rail !!
2 - #29 Derrick "Duck" Pearce - from the pole, just didn't have enough for Herbie.
3 - #24 Allen McConnell - started 4th, finished 3rd
4 - #55 Zack Lee - started 3rd, finished 4th
5 - #71 Edward Holmes (Spud) - never in contention tonight

Brooks Shelley

Road Warrior:
1 - #101 Samuel Brooks Shelley - lead the all in dominating fashion to pick up his 1st ever win at EAMS
2 - #17 Brian Bo Robinson - at times appeared to have the faster car, but couldn't run consistent laps in order to challenge
3 - #1 Rickey Harrelson - had trouble early and pitted while trailing smoke

Hot Shots:
1 - #1 Bryan Britton (Ashley Britton) - won his heat and lead the entire race to pick up his 1st ever win at EAMS
2 - #24 Jason Newsome - came up from 13th on the start to challenge for the lead - great run!
3 - #71 Tater Holmes - from the outside pole, just didn't quite have enough to challenge for the lead, though not from a like of trying...
4 - #2 Patrick Harrelson - started 5th, showed his consistency once again for a top 5 finish
5 - #17 Joshua Napier - started 11th and turned in his best ever performance for a good top 5 run

Next race, next Saturday 3/18/2017. Hope to see you all there !!