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Big T's

Monday, March 27, 2017

One Wild Night at North Florida

Photo by Wesley Keller

LAKE CITY, Fla. (March 25) – Kevin Davis was right where he wanted to be.

Out front.

He became the third leader in three laps and then sped away from the C Class/Limited Late Model field Saturday evening at North Florida Speedway.

He may not have had the best grip of the racing surface with his Davis Golf Carts Snow Brothers chassis, but it was obviously good enough in the 15-laps feature, shortened to 11 laps due to time limit.

“The track was a little sandy,” Davis said. “We were spinning the whole time. It just wasn’t right, but I just want to thank everybody on this car.”

Davis left the rest of the field to survive. Two massive accidents brought out the red flag.

The first was right after the heat race green flag. Lake City’s Jason Kight slammed into the wall entering turn one, became air born, took out the catch fence and pirouetted to a nose down stop on the fence. He was not hurt, but his Snow Brothers chassis was heavily damaged.

The second occurred during the feature when Billy Kervin spun on the back stretch, collected Donnie Padgett and crashed hard into the outside barrier, almost turning over. He also was not injured.

“I don’t know what those guys were doing behind me,” Davis added. “I’m glad I was in front of them and not behind them.”

Tom Smith recovered from starting deep in the field and finished second. Dave Ponton, Heath Walker and Steve Krouse rounded out the top five. Walker was piloting his Hobby Stock car.

Wesley Duboise set sail early and topped the UMP DirtCar Modified 15-lap feature. The rest of the field sorted out behind him as the Bonifay, Fla. pilot raced to a straightaway win.

Jamie Carter, Larry Burkins, Brandon Wells and David Crews were next.
Defending Florida Outlaw Micro Sprint Series champ Kenny Brewer waited until the last turn to speed by Robby Hoffman and win that 15-lap finale.
Both jumped from the third row at the start and Hoffman paced the field until that pass. Neither driver knew who won until visiting Sunoco Race Fuels Victory Lane when they were informed.
Brewer banged the turn four wall with four laps left, but recovered and reeled Hoffman back in.
Hoffman’s Todd’s Tomatoes Racing teammates David Hall and Dirk Miller followed with 11-year old Trynt Lloyd fifth.
Jason Garver used the low groove to get by last winner Brandon Wells with two laps remaining in the EMod 15-lap feature.
Wells, Shane Taylor, Allen Tatum and Devin Walker followed.
Taylor shook off the EMod finish and won the Thunder Stock 15-lap ender. The Trenton, Fla. ace outdueled Bryar Zimmerman after becoming the race’s third different leader.
Karlin Ray, Shane Guessford and Nelda King all survived race long battles and several cautions to take the next spots.
The racing surface was reworked during the week by track personnel and it showed with a fast surface and several grooves.
The action drew 53 cars and a nice crowd to the 3/8-mile clay oval.
Racing continues at NFS this Saturday April 1. Adam Bedenbaugh will attempt his second straight Late Model win at his home track. Also firing up will be EMods, Thunder Stocks, Hobby Stocks and Box Stocks.
Gates open at 5 p.m. with racing at 7.
For more information log on to, the NFS Facebook page or call 386-754-8800.
Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening March 25 at North Florida Speedway, Lake City, Fla.
DirtCar Modifieds
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 12 Wesley Duboise 2 15 Jamie Carter 3. 54 Larry Burkins 4. 4 Brandon Wells 5. 10 David Crews 6. 27 Jason Garver 7. 83 Shawn Taylor 8. 141 Jason Galbreath

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Garver 2. Duboise 3. Carter 4. Burkins
C Class/Limited Late Models
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 86 Kevin Davis 2. 0 Tom Smith 3. 10X Dave Ponton 4. 55 Heath Walker 5. 24 Steve Krouse 6. 8 Eddie Gainey 7. 55K Billy Kervin 8. 5 Donnie Padgett 9. 31 Jonathan Crain (Did Not Start – 7 Jason Kight, 83 Chad Dishman)
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Davis 2. Padgett 3. Walker 4.Kervin
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 27 Jason Garver 2. 4 Brandon Wells 3. 82 Shane Taylor 4. 12T Allen Tatum 5. 55JR Devin Walker 6. 14 Dale Graham 7. 91 Jamie Green 8. 24 Joey Parks 9. 5 Dylan Crews 10. 58 John Lester, Jr. 11. 30 Jason Sherwood (Did Not Start – 29 Cory Hupp, 5R Dalton Rathel)
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Wells 2. Garver 3. Walker 4. Parks
2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Tatum 2. Graham 3. Taylor 4. Lester
Florida Outlaw Micro Sprint Series
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 45 Kenny Brewer 2. 66 Robbie Hoffman 3. 67 David Hall 4. 68 Dirk Miller 5. 3 Trynt Lloyd 6. 24 Ken Penta 7. X Tommy Bowden
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Hoffman 2. Brewer 3. Lloyd 4. Hall
Thunder Stocks
Feature (15 laps) – 1.82 Shane Taylor 2. 00Z Bryar Zimmerman 3. 72 Karlin Ray 4. 34 Shane Guessford 5. 22 Nelda King 6. 7 Fletcher Mason 7. 8 Ralph Smith 8. B27 Ethan Butts 9. 98C Trey Fortner 10. 6 Dakota Hunt 11. 21 Willard Driggers 12. 44R Timmy Roach 13. 58 Justin Wilson 14. 5 Trey Spradley 15. 56G Garrett Durden
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Roach 2. Butts 3. Guessford 4. Ray
2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Zimmerman 2. Taylor 3. Hunt 4. Spradley