Big T's

Big T's

Sunday, March 19, 2017

East Alabama Motor Speedway 3/18/2017 Recap

Submitted by: Lamar McClellan
Photo credits: Eric Gano, EPA Photography

Here is your recap of the racing from EAMS last night - 3/18/2017

Dana Eiland

EAMS Late Model - 25 Laps:
1 - #K9 Dana Eiland - started 3rd, moved to 2nd on lap 2, and took over the lead from #55 Montana Dudley on lap 16 when Dudley's engine blew.  Undefeated in two races in the regular season in defense of his 2016 Championship.
2 - #13 Bailey Harris - started 8th, moved into the top 5 on lap 13, up to 3rd on the lap 16 restart, and took 2nd on the last lap when #7 Tyler Thomason slipped high off the track coming off turn 2.  Great run, especially considering this is (to my knowledge) his first trip to EAMS.
3 - #14 Patrick Wall - started 5th, up to 4th on lap 9, dropped back to 5th, and then moved up to 3rd on the last lap.
4 - #7 Tyler Thomason - started 4th, ran as low as 6th, was up to 2nd on lap 16 an actually gave a strong challenge for the lead for a couple of laps after the lap 16 restart, then fell back to 4th after running high off turn 2 on the final lap.
5 - #5 Thomas Lewis - started 2nd, appeared to hook a rut in turn 1 on the start, dropped to 3rd on lap 2, lost spots to Harris and Wall late to finish 5th.

Bubba Gorman

602 LM Sportsman - 15 Laps:
1 - #8G Bubba Gorman - started from the pole and led every lap - Bubba almost NEVER loses when starting up front.
2 - #19 Josh Cox - started 3rd, took 2nd on lap 2, but never had anything for Gorman.
3 - #14 John Baker - started 4th, took 3rd on lap 3 and ran there all race.
4 - #S21 Shane Stodghill - started 5th, took 4th on lap 4 and ran there all race
5 - #5 Daniel Bailey - started 2nd but steadily fell back to 5th.

Chuck Coggins

Hobby - 15 Laps:
1 - #R68 Chuck Coggins - started on the pole and led them all - undefeated now in 2 regular season races after winning only 1 race in all of 2016.
2 - #30 Tim Bosley - started 3rd and took 2nd on lap 5 in a clean pass of #57 Johnathan Morris.
3 - #57 Johnathan Morris - started 2nd, dropped to 3rd on lap 5 and ran there the remainder of the race.
4 - #294 John Michael - started 4th and is still unable to get the handle on his new car.
5 - #01 Larry Hodnett - started last and was 5th after 2 laps due to attrition.

Nesmith Street Stock - 15 Laps:
1 - #25 Herbie Donath - started 2nd, took the lead on lap 1, and cruised his way to his 2nd victory in 2 races this season.
2 - #69 Jason Harrison - from the pole he lost the lead on lap 1 and settled into a solid 2nd place, though challenged throughout by #07 Steven Pate
3 - #07 Steven Pate - started 3rd, ran 3rd all race, though he challenged for 2nd throughout the race.
4 - #X2 Dustin Hughes - started 5th, up to 4th by lap 5 and several times appeared to gain on the battle for 2nd, but never got close enough to challenge.  Great job in his first ever run in this class.
5 - #24 Allen McConnell - started 4th, dropped to 5th on lap 5 and held on for a top 5 finish.

Herbie Donath
Road Warrior - 15 Laps:
1 - #D9 Dustin Diem - started 1st and ran there unchallenged all race, picking up where his brother #999 Chandler Diem left off after winning the Championship in this class last year.
2 - #101 Brooks Shelley - started 4th, tangled with #21 Greg Odom on lap 4, but was able to continue and move up to 2nd on lap 9.
3 - #17 Brian Robinson - started 2nd, ran high off turn 2 on lap 8 and fell back to 4th, retaking 3rd with 1 lap to go.
4 - #1 BJ Davis - started 5th and took 4th due to attrition
5 - #21 Greg Odom - started 3rd, tangled with #101 on lap 4 and pitted with a flat tire.

Lee Hutchinson

Hot Shots - 10 Laps:
This was the race of the night with 16 cars starting the feature and 3 wide battles for the lead - these guys put on a great show up front!
1 - #51 Lee Hutchinson - started 4th, took 3rd on lap 1, and was battling for the lead from lap 5 until he took the lead on lap 8 and pulled away.
2 - #24 Jason Newsome - started 6th, was 4th on lap 4, 3rd on lap 7, and 2nd by lap 9.
3 - #5 Terry Merritt - started 7th, was in the top 5 on lap 1, then back to 6th, back to 5th by lap 5, 4th by lap 9, and up to 3rd on the last lap.
4 - #71 Tater Holmes - started on the pole, fought tenaciously for the lead against superior cars for 7 laps before finally giving way and dropping to 4th.
5 - #1 Bryan Britton - last week's winner started 3rd, was 2nd on lap 1 and contended for the lead throughout the race before falling back during the torrid battle for the lead near the end of the race.

So after 2 weeks in the regular season we have 3 undefeated drivers (Dana Eiland, Chuck Coggins, and Herbie Donath).  Next week there will be no racing at EAMS as they make preparations for their biggest race in the 45 year history - the 2nd Annual Alabama Shootout featuring the stars and cars of the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.  On Friday March 31st there will be qualifying and heat races in all support divisions.  Then the nation's top dirt track racers will converge on EAMS on Saturday April 1st.  If you want to witness this race 1st hand, please call and make reservations NOW - they expect a sellout for this major event.  Hope to see you there!