Big T's

Big T's

Monday, June 13, 2016

Lloyd, Wooten super again in Super Challenge 5 at GIS Eunice, Keller, Ammons, Bruner also first to checkers

Photo by: Megan Lloyd

Garret Lloyd and (Sister) Megan Lloyd in Victory Lane at GIS

Staff Reports

WAYNESVILLE, Ga. (June 11) – Dominator. Dirt Demon. Use whatever nicknames desired for Golden Isles Speedway stars Garrett Lloyd and Brian Wooten.

Both did it again Saturday evening.

 Wooten speed to the $2,000 NeSmith Performance Street Stock Super Challenge 5 feature, his fourth win in five 2016 races and his first SC5 checkered flag.

 Initial SC5 winner Donnie Ashford settled for third behind Shaun Washam, who was runner up for the third straight race. Creg Hall and Ronnie Newsome rounded out the top five.

Lloyd stayed unbeaten in the EMods and picked up $1,500 for the class’ first SC5 feature.

 Chase Collins just finished his high school sophomore year, but continued the senior-type racing experience coming home second. Bud Chancey, Dillon Turner and Keith Tuten came next.
 Cecil Eunice bested Scott Waters, Woodrow Mullis, J.O. Nobles and Adam Collins in the Limited finale.
 Chris Keller (Super Streets), Billy Ammons (Enduros) and Michael Bruner (440s) also picked up win. All three are repeat winners this season.
This Saturday June 18 will be super again with Super Challenge 5 races for GIS Late Models and Enduros.
The Late Model show will double as Race 4 in the I-95 Toyota Late Model Challenge Series. That series has different winners in the first three events, including Mark Whitener at GIS May 21. A check for $3,000 will be on the line.
Enduros race for $1,000.
Also on the card are EMods, Super Streets and 440s.
Hot laps are set for 6 p.m. with racing to follow.
For more information log on to, the track’s Facebook page or call 912-778-3767.

Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening June 11 at Golden Isles Speedway, Waynesville, Ga

Super Challenge 5 Feature 1. Garrett Lloyd 2. Chase Collins 3. Bud Chancey 4. Dillon Turner 5. Keith Tuten 6. Brandon Wells 7. Donnie Hall 8. Allen Tatum 9. Nick Kirkus 10. Randy Gainey 11. Brandon Stone 12. Mike Henry 13. Steven Purnell 14. Joey Meyers 15. Phillip Albritton 16. Allen Scurry (Did Not Start - Johnny Collins, Kenneth Wells)

NeSmith Performance Street Stocks

Super Challenge 5 Feature - 1. Brian Wooten 2. Shawn Washam 3. Donnie Ashford 4. Creg Hall 5. Ronnie Newsome 6. Kyle Livingood 7. Charles Stokes 8. Chris Keller 9. Cecil Eunice 10. Daron Bailey 11. Brian Grantham 12. Jack Hill 13. Luke Johns 14. Dale Mimbs 15. Chad Fry 16. Chris Williams 17. Cole Exum 18. Makayla Tyrell 19. Morrie West 20. Taylor Sowell 21. Zach Stotz 22. Kenny Hicks 23. Nick Hardee 24. Wesley Jones


Feature – 1. Cecil Eunice 2. Scott Waters 3. Woodrow Mullis 4. JO Nobles 5. Adam Collins 6. Chris Lovett 7. Bruce Collins 8. Jordan Lockhart 9. Charlie Flowers 10. Bill Adkins 11. Daniel Thompson 12. Charlie Davis

13. Russell Waters

Super Streets

Feature – 1. Chris Keller 2. Donnie Durrance 3. Paul Jones 4. Luke Hayes 5. Caleb Payne 6. Keith Smth 7. Lee Keller 8. Ronald Altman 9. Carl Singletary 10. Jordan Fowler 11. Mike Reed 12. Calvin Cox 13. James Scott 14. Roger Thomas 15. Billy Benefield 16. Will Gardener


Feature - 1. Billy Ammons 2. Johnny Barker 3. William Fisher 4. Windal Clark 5. John Noe 6. Kyle Davis 7. Dylan Taylor 8. Andrew Conner 9. Jonathan Rowe 10. John Kelly 11. Scott Washam 12. Chase Ammons 13. Willard Wallace 14. Bryan Beasley 15. Charles Smith 16. John Carlino 17. Preston Tomlinson 18. Jody Singeltary


Feature – 1. Micheal Bruner 2. Mack Williams 3. Joe Quarterman 4. Bobby Pike 5. Austin Bailey 6. Josh Ryan 7. Ginger Haradon 8. Christian Cochran 9. Jared Crews 10. Olvan Williams 11.  Dusty Williams