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Big T's

Monday, June 27, 2016

Markham marks first FOES victory Collins takes second ‘twin’ while Pratt, Ray and Caudill also visit NFS Victory Lane

David Markham wins your Florida Outlaw Series feature at North Florida Speedway


 LAKE CITY, Fla. (June 25) – The strategy changed.

David Markham steered the nose of his car a little lower in the racing groove the last few laps Saturday evening at North Florida Speedway.

 That mentality helped win his first ever Florida Outlaw EMod Series 15-lap feature.

Markham used speed through turns one and two to try and outrun top challengers Nick Kirkus, Chase Collins and Jason Garver.

“I messed up a couple times, but I really didn’t want to lose that race,” Markham said. “I was going to do whatever it took the last couple laps to hold them off.”

 So he guided his Shade Timber/NRE Shaw a touch lower to put the burden on his chasers the last handful of circuits. Next, the Live Oak pilot was in Victory Lane.

“I didn’t want to open the bottom up because I knew the bottom was way faster,” Markham added. “I just tried to kick up that dust where they couldn’t get around me.”

Collins was actually the closest until a late race cross up allowed Kirkus by. Kenny Wells rounded out the top five.

 The first of the Summer Twin features for the EMods was drawn out by multiple cautions, including five alone on Lap 7. One race stoppage was a red flag after Kirkus and Allen Tatum connected on the front stretch. Tatum climbed the wall right in front of the fans, the catch fence and wall did their jobs and his car returned to the racing surface on its side.
 The Jacksonville teen climbed from his mount without injury.

 Those yellow and red periods were anxious times for Markham.

“The car was sputtering on the restarts, it would skip a little bit. I was thinking ‘come on, man, let’s go.’”

The rest of the top five all climbed back to the top after at least one restart at the rear.

Collins came back and won the second 15-lap feature after passing Kirkus in the closing laps. Brandon Wells, driving his dad Kenny’s car in the second Twin, was next. Markham and Dylan Crews followed. The second feature did not pay series points.

Collins replaced a transmission after hot laps. Kirkus had runner up finishes in both features.

 FOES point leader Dale Graham had issues with his ride and piloted Eric

Baker’s car to a 12th place finish in the first Twin, so there could be a points shakeup again with Garver’s good finish.

 Rich Pratt and his team made a wise choice to high tail it to NFS. He came away with the Open Wheel Modified 15-lap win.

 Pratt was a late arrival and missed hot laps. He credited his crew for tire and setup choice for the feature and the Anthony, Fla. veteran did the rest.

The drivers behind him put on a three-wide show for the runner up spot with Shawn Taylor surviving ahead of heat winners Jason Garver and Jim Passino. Wesley Duboise completed the top five.

 For a while it looked as if visitor Raymond Vann or Melvin Fockler would be added to the growing list of different Thunder Stock winners in 2016.

 But defending track champion and June 11 winner Karlin Ray stormed through the field after starting 19th and parked in Victory La
Fockler, Vann, Timmy Roach and Bryar Zimmerman were next out of the 21 cars that started the 15-lap finale.

Seth Caudill, Jr. did it again in the Box Stocks. The point leader went back to front for another 12-lap feature win. Caudill started shotgun on the field after losing a wheel in the heat.

Shanelle Creech outdrove heat winner Vince Maffo for the runner up spot.

The first half of the summer break is upon NFS.

Racing returns in a big way July 29-30 with the annual Summer Slam.

Friday features free admission to the stands. Those in attendance Friday can purchase Saturday tickets at a $2 discount.

Saturday the young fans will benefit with the annual Back Pack Night.

Plenty of racing fills both nights. Friday will be a full show for EMods, Hobby Stocks and Box Stocks. Thunder Stocks and Dirts4Racing 3/4 Modifieds showcase heats and dash for cash.

Saturday will be B-Mains, if needed, for Thunder Stocks and 3/4 Modifieds and features for both classes plus full shows for Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, EMods and Box Stocks.

Gates open at 5pm with racing at 7:30 p.m. both evenings.

After Summer Slam the track will close for the second half of summer break with the next scheduled event Sept. 10.

For updates as Summer Slam draws closer and more information log on to, the track’s Facebook page or call 386-754-8800.

Following are feature race results from racing Saturday June 25 at North Florida Speedway, Lake City, Fla.

Florida Outlaw EMod Series

Summer Twin Feature 1 (15 laps) – 1. 50 David Markham 2. 20K Nick Kirkus 3. 2X4 Chase Collins 4. 27 Jason Garver 5. 4 Kenny Wells 6. 5 Dylan Crews 7. 82 Shane Taylor 8. Marvin Hassell 9. 12 Joey Parks 10. 39 Brandon Wells 11. 12T Allen Tatum 12. 98 Dale Graham 13. 1 Dallas Stephens 14. 18R Dalton Rathel (Did Not Start – 98 Eric Baker)

Summer Twin Feature 2 (15 laps) – 1. Collins 2. Kirkus 3. 4 Brandon Wells 4. Markham 5. Crews 6. Parks 7. Hassell 8. Rathel 9. Taylor 10. Stephens 11. Garver 12. Baker (Did Not Start – Graham, Tatum, 4 Kenny Wells)

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Kirkus 2. K. Wells 3. Garver 4. Markham

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Collins 2. Taylor 3. Crews 4. Parks

Thunder Stocks

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 72 Karlin Ray 2. 22F Melvin Fockler 3. 32 Raymond Vann 4. 44 Timmy Roach 5. 00Z Bryar Zimmerman 6. 69A Jonathan Appleby 7. 07 Shawn Creech 8. 14 Rance Damron 9. 1 Bubba Clark 10. 15 Trey Spradley 11. G0 Dale Graham 12. 22K Nelda King 13. 30 Kris Salyards 14. 18 Jerry Fortner 15. 66 Dave Dowling 16. 82 Shane Taylor 17. B27 Ethan Butts 18. 58 Justin Wilson 19. 6 Wade Shrowder, Sr. 20. 16 Kyle Doran 21. 7Y Ty Youmans 22. 5 Wade Shrowder, Jr. (Did Not Start – 98C Doran Cheney, 2 Jonathan Crain)

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Butts 2. Zimmerman 3. Graham 4. Salyards

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Vann 2. Fockler 3. Roach 4. Shrowder, Sr.

3rd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Creech 2. Spradley 3. Fortner 4. Shrowder, Jr.

Open Wheel Modifieds

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 78 Rich Pratt 2. 83 Shawn Taylor 3. 27 Jason Garver 4. 34 Jim Passino 5. X Wesley Duboise 6. 18 J.O. Nobles 7. 10 David Crews 8. 67 Garrett Stewart

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Passino 2. Taylor 3. Stewart 4. Crews

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Garver 2. Pratt 3. Duboise 4. Nobles

Box Stocks

Feature (12 laps) – 1. C2 Seth Caudill, Jr. 2. 07JR Shanelle Creech 3. 41 Vince Maffo 4. 13 Emmett Mims 5. 8 Jonathan Wilks 6. 7 Damion Brown

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Maffo 2. Creech 3. Mims 4. Wilks