Big T's

Big T's

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Recap Of Racing At East Alabama Motor Speedway 6/25/2016

Submitted by Lamar McClellan
Photo credits: Carolyn Johnson

EAMS Late Models:
1 - K9 Dana Eiland - on his 66th or 67th Birthday!! His first win of the season after a 2nd place finish last week. Came up from a 3rd place start.  Moves up to 2nd in points.
2 - 110 Slick Rick Culpepper - after his win last week, another great run chasing the leader all the way to the checkered flag. Came from 7th on the grid steadily moving toward the front. Maintains his points lead of 11 points.
3 - 5 Thomas Lewis - from the pole, picks up his third 3rd place finish of the year.
4 - 14 Patrick Wall - matches his 4th place finish from last week, his top finishes of this season - started 4th, finished 4th.
5 - 7 Tyler Thomason - 4th top 5 finish of the year - now tied for 3rd in the points.

Limited Late Models:
1 - 10 Andrew Bailey - after a 4th place finish earlier this year, picks up his first win in stock cars after racing go-karts prior to this season. Car was the one previously owned by Jr. McGuire (Amy McGuire).
2 - 25 Wiley McDaniel, Jr. - always a top 5 runner at EAMS when he makes a rare appearance.
3 - 8G Bubba Gorman - good recovery from a bad race last week - only 3 points out of 2nd now.
4 - 90 Josh Weathers - 4th top 5 finish this year.
5 - 83 Brandon Trelise Pijnenburg - 2nd top 5 finish this season.

Hobby (Summer Sizzler Race # 1):
1 - 17 Jason Price - I call this guy "big money" because of his ability to win the big races, just as he did tonight - picks up his 4th win of the season and moves into the points lead.
2 - 99 Randy Renfroe - 4th top five finish of the year - chased the leader all the way to the finish, but could never make a serious play for the lead.
3 - A18 Mike Archer (Johnathon Archer) - had a spirited battle for 2nd with Renfroe throughout the race, but had to settle for 3rd in his first race at EAMS this season.
4 - 294 John Michael Schmear - never a contender and lost the points lead to Price. Still working out the bugs in his new car.
5 - 44 Corey Dunn - ran 4th most of the race and picks up his 6th top 5 finish of the season.

Road Warrior:
1 - 93C Hunter Cossette - picks up the win in his first visit to EAMS this season - had a great battle with 999 for the lead and finally prevailed.
2 - 999 Chandler Diem - his 8th top 2 finish in 9 races - expands his huge points lead.
3 - 18 Tyler Walters - great finish in his first visit to EAMS this yr.
4 - 27 Cody Berryhill - another 1st time racer at EAMS this season picks up a top 5 finish.
5 - 19 Bobby Davlin - 3rd top 5 finish of the season

Hot Shots:
1 - 21 Chrishobo Bosley - 4th win of the year - would be the runaway points leader except he didn't buy into the points system at the beginning of the season.
2 - 10G Rodney Gorman - led most of the race and lost the lead on a late restart - takes over the points lead.
3 - 25 David Newsome - in his 2nd race, another top 5 finish.
4 - 28 Lee Hutchinson - top 5 finish in his first race.
5 - 2 Patrick Harrelson - his 6th top 5 finish of the season.

Next week EAMS is racing on SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY!!! Make plans to be there for a great 4th of July celebration!