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Big T's

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Chancey, Carlino super in SC5 triumphs at GIS

Chappell, Grantham also First to the Checkers; Wooten Clinches NPSS Title

Submitted by Rob Lee

WAYNESVILLE, Ga. (Sept. 10) – Billy Ammons just drove his race.
The consistency of the J&J Services Camaro’s driver usually means success. Saturday evening at Golden Isles Speedway was no different.
Ammons finished second to John Carlino in the Enduro Super Challenge 5 Series feature. Carlino won the battle and the $1,000 top prize. Ammons won the five-race war. Unofficially, the runner up finish clinched the inaugural SC5 title for Ammons.
William Fisher, Johnny Barker and Jonathan Croson rounded out the top five in the race.
Barker needed to finish three positions better than Ammons to overtake the top spot as the former trailed by two points heading into the final SC5 event.
Carlino topped a 25-car field for the victory.

Bud Chancey wheeled the Chancey-Meyers Motorsports Shaw Chassis to the EMod SC5 win and the $1,500 that went with it.
Weather has played havoc with the EMod SC5 this season so this was only race number two. Chancey’s victory and Chase Collins second place helped them move by race one winner Garrett Lloyd in the SC5 standings.
Lloyd finished down in the running order, but will have another chance in race three this Saturday Sept. 17.
Kenny Wells, Nick Kirkus and Randy Gainey completed the top five.

Donnie Chappell has picked up the handle on his Late Model ride during a good mid-season run. He wheeled the H&R Racing Engines/Penske Shocks Bloomquist Chassis to the GIS Late Model win. The Jacksonville, Fla. pilot raced ahead of veteran Cecil Eunice, Charlie Williamson, Ronald Thomas and Kevin White.

Preparation continues for the NeSmith Performance Street Stock World Championship for Brian Grantham. The former GIS track champion headed a 21-car NPSS group for the win.
The Douglas, Ga. ace topped Florida’s Donnie Ashford, Brian Wooten, Shaun Washam and Chris Keller.
Wooten’s third place clinched the GIS track championship.
“Can’t thank (car owner) Joey Meyers enough for this opportunity,” Wooten said in a Facebook post. “Man, what a season.”
The Super Challenge 5 Series Continues Saturday Sept. 17 for the Limited Late Models, EMods and NeSmith Performance Street Stocks. Limiteds and NPSS will pay $2,000 to win with the EMod winner taking home $1,500.
Enduros also will be in action along with the debut of C Class Late Models.
Hot laps are set for 7 p.m. with racing to follow.
For more information log on to,, the track’s Facebook page or call 912-778-3767.

Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening Sept. 10 at Golden Isles Speedway, Waynesville, Ga.
Feature – 1. 181 Bud Chancey 2. 2x4 Chase Collins 3. 4 Kenny Wells 4. 20K Nick Kirkus 5. 18G Randy Gainey 6. 39 Brandon Wells 7. 10 Dillon Turner 8. 47 Chad Tuten 9. 99 Steven Purnell 10. 17 Allen Scurry 11. 04 Philip Albritton 12. 27 Garrett Lloyd 13. 5 Keith Tuten 14. B51 Dale Trask 15. 19 Frankie Lloyd 16. 07 William Watts
Feature – 1. 16 John Carlino 2. 21 Billy Ammons 3. 00 William Fisher 4. 6 Johnny Barker 5. 94 Jonathan Croson 6. 26D Kyle Davis 7. 87 Jack Hill 8. 41 Charles Smith 9 17C Tami Clark 10. 19 Jonathan Rowe 11. 3 Dylan Taylor 12. 42T Scott Thomas 13 OU812 Alvin Carlson 14. 5B Bryan Beasley 15. 5 Chase Ammons 16. 20 Luke Hayes 17. 73 Megan Grant 18. 21W Scott Washam 19. 14X Dallas Stephens 20. 1C Bubba Clark 21. 11K Brad Kinchen 22. 44R Timmy Roach 23. J4 Jonathan New 24. 44J Jason Young, Sr. 25. 9J Luke Johns
GIS Late Models
Feature – 1. 44C Donnie Chappell 2. 22 Cecil Eunice 3. RODS Charlie Williamson 4. 40 Ronald Thomas 5. 12 Kevin White  6. 12J Scott Johnson 7. 51T Chad Tuten 8. 21W Hampton White 9. 45 Damon Flowers 10. 27 Richard Jeffers 11. 29 Doug Miller.
Qualifying – 1. Chappell 2. Tuten 3. Johnson 4. Eunice 5. White
NeSmith Performance Street Stocks
Feature – 1. 8G Brian Grantham 2. 66 Donnie Ashford 3. 81 Brian Wooten 4. 424 Shaun Washam 5. HOT ROD Chris Keller 6. 18W Wesley Jones 7. 2R Jamie Flowers 8. 04 Bubba Christian 9. 96 Luke Johns 10. 2 John Corbitt 11. 3D Makayla Tyrell 12. 52 Dale Mimbs 13. 18N Nick Hardee 14. 28 Piearce Thrift 15. 14 Taylor Sowell 16. 1X Chris Williams 17. 8W Carl Willard 18. 1 Daron Bailey 19. 17S Will Gardener 20. 16 Ronald Altman 21. 92 Zach Stotz.

Qualifying – 1. Grantham 2. Ashford 3. Wooten 4. Keller 5. Christian